Fourtitude renders and ponders an RS3 sedan

Audi RS3 sedan rendering

A bit over 12 months ago Audi unveiled its A3 concept at the Geneva Motor Show. It’s widely accepted that an A3 sedan will be making its first appearance for the benefit of the US consumers. Indeed, it may only ever be available in limited markets; North America and China perhaps. Audi of America hope the addition of a sedan will help them triple annual sales of the A3, which currently sit around 10,000 per year.

At the moment, for reasons unbeknown to AUSmotive (and perhaps punters in the US), the S3 is not offered for sale in America. However, it stands to reason if the US is effectively getting a platform just for them that Audi will indulge them with more powerful models. Remember, the A3 concept was fitted with 300kW 2.5 litre engine based on the current RS3.

Therefore, the chaps at Fourtitude have taken the A3 concept, added it to the new RS4 Avant, and come up with the rendering you see above. More than that, though, they’ve taken up the cause of lobbying Audi to ensure an RS3 sedan becomes a reality:

We’ve shown the render to a few sources at Audi and, inside these offices, it’s been met with smiles. One source even suggested energy created by such renders only helps the cause for such products (take note photoshoppers). That said, we hear the taillights may change a bit from our concept-based conversion.

Interesting to read the acknowledgement from the Audi staffer that outside renderings such as this can help build the case internally. Check out the link below for Fourtitude’s full story. It offers a pleasing mix of market analysis and fanboi cheering.

[Source: Fourtitude]

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I’d be happy enough if the RS3 hatch was available in Australia! (not that I could afford a A$100k+ hatchback, but it’s nice to have the option)

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