Can Saab rise like Lazarus again?

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Saab 9-5

A newly registered Swedish company has become an unlikely lead bidder to pick over the leftovers of Saab, now in the hands administrators. National Electric Vehicle Sweden is a consortium included the former boss of Volvo Trucks, has emerged as the leading bidder after Chinese company Youngman ended its interest in the Swedish marque.

Aside from its name, not much else is known about National Electric Vehicle Sweden, which was only officially registered this week. It’s believed to be backed by a Japanese–Chinese group called Sun Investment, owning 49%, with the majority 51% owned by Mikael Kubu, president of Gothenburg-based law firm Ac-Gruppen.

Valdemar Lonnroth, a journalist from Trollhattan newspaper TTELA, said: “We have a very anonymous investment company that owns shares in this registered company, Sun Investment, but we still don’t know who’s behind it.

“We don’t know if it’s a Chinese or a Japanese company behind this conglomerate. Nobody has really a picture of what kind of resources they have or what their intentions are, besides the fact that they want to produce electric vehicles.”

In February it was thought BMW may have been interested in taking over Saab’s scraps, but nothing has really emerged since then.

For now the administrators are keeping their cards close to their chest and choosing not to offer any comment on the sale process.

[Source: Autocar]