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Saab lives on (again)

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The rebirth of Saab under the ownership of National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (NEVS) has taken its first material step with word of 9-3 pre-production models rolling off the factory floor. News of the first NEVS-built 9-3 was kept secret and secret and the only media invited to the internal launch was the SaabsUnited blog. […]

NEVS finalises purchase of Saab’s assets

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After a slight hiccup National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB has completed the purchase of Saab’s assets. A statement from NEVS reads: National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (NEVS) today announced that the company has finalized its acquisition of the main assets of Saab Automobile AB, Saab Automobile Powertrain AB and Saab Automobile Tools AB, effective August […]

BMW kicks Saab while down, asks for €2.6m

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BMW is suing one of Saab’s remnant subsidiaries, Saab Automobile Parts AB, to the tune of €2.6m for unpaid deliveries. Back in September 2010 BMW signed a deal with Saab to supply engines and spare parts for the 9-3. Obviously the minor obstacle of bankruptcy got in the way and Saab has been unable to […]

Saab’s rebirth stalls, again

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The buyout of Saab’s bankrupted assets by National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) was announced back in June. However, SaabsUnited reports the deadline for the finalisation of that sale has been missed. At this stage NEVS has not released a statement explaining why they have not proceeded as planned. Although, NEVS spokesman, Mikael Östlund, has told […]

NEVS bringing Saab back to the future

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As we reported last month start-up start-up business National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) emerged as the front runner to buy Saab. Now it’s official, the sale has gone through. These paragraphs from the NEVS press release (available in full after the break) tell us what to expect from the new new Saab: NEVS is an […]

Can Saab rise like Lazarus again?

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A newly registered Swedish company has become an unlikely lead bidder to pick over the leftovers of Saab, now in the hands administrators. National Electric Vehicle Sweden is a consortium included the former boss of Volvo Trucks, has emerged as the leading bidder after Chinese company Youngman ended its interest in the Swedish marque. Aside […]

Saab Cars Museum opens

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Saab. Remember them? Well now you can at the official Saab Cars Museum in Trollhättan. True to form the existence of the museum almost fell through, amid controversy which saw its contents put up for auction. The merry chaps from Saabs United were on hand for the opening and filmed a short video. It’s a […]

Are we witnessing the start of SAABMW?

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A recent blog post at Saabs United has breathed new life into the hope that Saab can emerge from its latest financial despair. Today the bankruptcy administrators held another of their weekly press-conferences and talked mostly about the pressing salary situation for so many of the employees. They did confirm that they needed another week […]

Saab: This is the end, beautiful friend

Yes, we’ve done this before, two years ago to the day… Saab has, once again, broken the limits of its owners. This time it’s not GM, like it was in 2009, but current stewards of the Saab brand Swedish Automobile who have said, “This is the end.” More correctly they have lodged an official notice […]

Saab shareholder comes to rescue

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The Gemini Investment Fund, already a Saab shareholder, has agreed to loan an extra €25 million to ensure Saab can remain solvent in the short term. This follows an earlier €30m loan from Gemini last month. The money has already been used to pay workers their wages for the month of June. Saab’s production line […]

Saab heading back to the future

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“Saab is a company that builds cars that cannot make money.” They are the words of Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. Hardly a ringing endorsement for one of Sweden’s most iconic brands. The comment was made yesterday following a press release on Thursday from Saab announcing they were unable to meet their salary obligations. “Swedish […]

Geneva 2011: Saab PhoeniX concept

Saab has released the spectacular PhoeniX concept at the Geneva Motor Show. Apart from being a pretty funky piece of kit, you’re looking at what Saab call ‘aeromotional’ design. The next 9-3 will be built on the same platform that underpins the PhoeniX. The slippery shape has a low 0.25cd drag coefficient and the side-mount […]