Lexus LFA AD-A prototype nails Nürburgring

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Lexus LFA AD-A prototype

Not content with selling all 500 of the initial run of LFA models, Lexus has been seen back at the Nürburgring, hard at work with a new prototype. At this stage not a lot is known about the car, tentatively titled the LFA AD-A.

The AD-A features a prominent fixed rear wing, similar to the Nürburgring package. Its most notable change can be seen at the rear (see video below) where the original centre-mount triangular exhaust tips have made way for a pair of twin-tips beneath the rear tail lights.

New front aero styling indicates Lexus are pushing this car further. The regular LFA already used carbon fibre reinforced plastic body panels, but this AD-A version shows them off, with a polished finish on the bonnet and roof panels.

It’s not immediately clear why, or if, this car is being made or when official details will be announced. Looking at the revised aero package we reckon part of Lexus’ objective is to beat the already impressive 7:14 lap time set by the LFA at the Nürburgring last September.

[Source: Bridge to Gantry]