F82 BMW M4 coupé spied

F82 BMW M4 coupe

It might still be a couple of years away, but here’s a pretty good look at the new BMW M4, formerly known as the M3 coupé. Based on the F32 4 Series platform, the M4 will follow suit from the M3 sedan and use a turbocharged inline six cylinder engine.

Spied at the Nürburgring recently, it’s one of the first times an M4 mule has been seen out and about. The M brakes, M6 steering wheel and quad-tipped exhausts help to give the game away.

There’s also a video below and you can hear the unmistakable sound of a double clutch transmission on upshifts, but fear not, the M3 and M4 are still expected to offer the choice of a manual ‘box as well.

The front end of the F32 coupés will be sleeker and sportier than their F30 sedan counterparts. The M4 will also receive exclusive M treatment to its styling including the front grille and wider wheel arches.

It’s expected the production M4 will have a carbon fibre roof panel and will be more and less better than the E92 M3. That is, it should have more power, be more efficient, while weighing less than the old coupé.

The latest word on release dates says the M3 sedan could hit showrooms overseas late next year, otherwise early 2014. While the more traditional coupé layout, the M4, should arrive before the end of 2014.

[Source: F30post]

F82 BMW M4 coupe

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