Lexus LFA blinged up with chrome wrap

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Lexus LFA with chrome wrap

This chrome wrapped Lexus LFA supercar, claimed to be the world’s first, has been revealed ahead of this weekend’s MotorEx show in Sydney. Despite being one of only five 10 LFAs in the country, and sporting this blinged up custom look, the owner wishes to remain anonymous, agreeing only to be identified as “JP”.

JP lives in Queensland and has already covered 4000km in his two-month old machine. “Long drives aren’t boring any more, I love it,” he told

If JP really did want to be modest about his identity perhaps he should have reconsidered the showy chrome look and LFUKNA personalised number plates! We’d also like to know how the Queensland government let that number plate through; was someone sleeping on the job?

The wrap was done by Exotic Graphix in Melbourne for a ballpark price of $10K. But when you’ve spent close to $800K on the car, that’s just pocket money, right? Half his luck!

[Source: SMH]

UPDATE: Lexus UK is running this story too. They also offer the info that this is LFA chassis #304.