Toyota 86 claims best driver’s car gong

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Toyota 86

We expect the Toybaru will claim plenty of awards from the world’s motoring press. Indeed, we reckon you can already lock in an 86/BRZ shared award for Australia’s most prestigious gong, the Wheels Car of the Year. For now though, the Toyota 86 has just been judged as Britain’s Best Driver’s Car by the influential Autocar magazine:

Instead of being too fast for the roads on which it finds itself, its lowered limits mean that they can be approached at sensible speeds. Instead of tearing through consumables, it is the only car here for whose tyres we didn’t fear, even though it spent the most time sideways. The GT86 has altered the sports car genre. It is the performance car made relevant again; it is the new supercar. And, as such, it is arguably the worthiest winner Britain’s Best Driver’s Car has had.

[Source: Autocar]