Would you like your Toyota 86 supercharged?

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Toyota GT86 TRD

Word from the SEMA show in the United States says Toyota Racing Development (TRD) is working on an aftermarket supercharger kit for the Toyota 86. That’ll be sure to please current and prospective owners alike. And with reports of an 18 month waiting list down under we’re guessing there’s quite a lot of prospective owners.

For the fencesitters they’ll be pleased to learn the 86 and Subaru BRZ will soon have a genuine point of difference. Subaru is working on a turbocharged BRZ, and we’re sure having a choice of forced induction will provide Toybaru fans with plenty of forum fodder.

No word just yet on when the TRD supercharger kit will be available, or what type of kick it will give the 147kW 86. You’ll just be thankful it’s on the way!

[Source: AutoGuide]