It couldn’t look any worse than the old one

Volkswagen Golf VII estate prototype

Euro estates; we love ’em. Volkswagen Golfs; yep, we love them too. So when Volkswagen Australia finally cottoned on and gave us the Mk6 Golf Wagon back in 2010 you’d think we’d have been over the moon. The thing is, the previous-gen Golf estate was butt-ugly. Clearly Volkswagen’s usually competent, if unadventurous, design team had the day off when the old wagon was seemingly rushed through.

We’re pleased to see Volkswagen hasn’t given up, though. Beneath all that disguise in the image above is the new Golf VII estate. It’s due to go on sale in Europe in about a year from now (expect 2014 for Australia, if it makes it).

The fact the car is so heavily disguised is a good thing, we think. It must look good under there. Else, if they didn’t want us to look at the prototype, they would have just covered the car in Mk6 styled graphics. And that’s saying something when that crazy puzzle disguise is easier on the eye than the old model.

Like it says on the tin, it’ll be usual Golf fare for the most part, just with a bit more cargo space thanks to the estate body shape. Interestingly, the same 505 litres of rear cargo space is expected to remain in the translation from the Golf V/VI to the all-new Golf VII platform.

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We love our golfs like old folks love their beige.

Bland and boring but granting the owner the authority to harp on about how it’s an Audi underneath and how the other, more premium German cars are over priced.

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