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Lotus planning to burn Red Bull

Lotus announces sponsorship with burn energy drink

Lotus will be hoping to knock off Red Bull on two counts in 2013 after signing a new multi-year sponsorship deal with Coca-Cola energy drink burn.

Further details will be announced next year when the deal officially commences, until then we’ve got a couple of typically fluffy motherhood statements for you.

Emmanuel Seuge, Group Director, Worldwide Sports & Entertainment Marketing, The Coca-Cola Company: “The creativity of teams and the passion for speed and energy that fuel the sport of Formula 1, make a partnership with this iconic sporting property a compelling proposition for the burn brand. Lotus F1 Team, as the number one emerging challenger in the sport, has demonstrated exceptional creativity in their approach to Formula 1 racing and their collaborations with partners—an approach that mirrors the philosophy of burn. We will bring that same creativity through burn, incorporating art and music in a way that will break the conventions of traditional Formula 1 sponsorship marketing.”

Eric Boullier, Team Principal, Lotus F1 Team: “We are proud that The Coca-Cola Company has chosen Lotus F1 Team as the best vehicle to represent the burn brand in its most high profile partnership. We are excited to partner with burn to build a new and innovative model for sponsorships that will combine experiences, content creation and social media; an area in which our team has been at the cutting edge in Formula 1 for the past 18 months, recording the highest growth rate amongst fans this year.”

We get the connection with the saying “energy to burn” and we understand it’s a big deal having Coca-Cola investing in F1. Not sure about anyone else, but burn seems a pretty daft name to plaster all over the side of a Formula One car. As the saying goes, money talks!

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Only slightly less cringeworthy than having anti dandruff shampoo branding all over the car and overalls.

I had never even heard of Burn until now. Good luck to them, but it would certainly have been more logical to just brand the car with Coke-Cola.

Coke is an old mans drink Rodrrico. Like Clarkson killed denim so Coke is dead to the youth of today. Energy drinks is where the sales are growing.

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