Lamborghini plans new model for 50th bash

Lamborghini Aventador J

Lamborghini CEO, Stephan Winkelmann, has confirmed the supercar maker will release a new model to help celebrate the company’s 50th birthday next year. Speaking at the LA Auto Show, Winkelmann didn’t give too much away, revealing only that, “It will not be a revival or retro.”

It’s going to be one hell of a 50th birthday bash, too. Lamborghini is asking its owners from around the world to ship their cars to Italy to form a convoy through iconic Italian locations, such as Tuscany and Rome, before ending their journey at the manufacturer’s headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese. A special web portal has been set up to assist owners with shipping arrangements.

That party will take place from 7–11 May, so we’re not all that far away from finding out what the new model will be. There’s nothing to suggest the spectacular Aventador J from this year’s Geneva Motor Show will enter series production, we just wanted another excuse to feature it here. Besides, the one-off show car was sold over €2 million and we’re guessing the owner would like to ensure he’s the only J owner in the village.

The new model could be an extension of the Aventador range, all the same. Or yet another Gallardo special edition, although we’re not complaining.

Lamborghini is doing well this year, having already bettered their 2011 sales results by the end of October. The Aventador has an 18-month wait list, even with production running at 1000 cars per year. The best the Murcielago ever managed was around 630 units per year.

But Winkelmann knows he’s operating in a tough market and has to convert the opportunities he has. “The global [supercar] market is 25,000 cars, so volatility and opportunity are very close together,” he said.

Winkelmann expects he can rely on the US and Middle East to maintain their demand, but thinks Europe will be tougher and says they are “crossing our fingers” regarding the Asian markets.

[Source: Automobile News]

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Looks like it’s A$18k for an Aussie to take their Lambo along for the week – plus the 5 weeks shipping time each way – plus airfares!

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