McLaren P1 test pilot tries off-roading

McLaren P1 spied

World Car Fans brings us a good video showing the McLaren P1 hypercar out and about undergoing some testing. Given we’ve already been given a good look at the exterior of the car at the Paris Motor Show we can probably surmise that there’s some minor changes to the bodywork disguised in all the camouflage.

The video also shows a very brief glimpse of the interior. We get to hear the engine rumble along at leisurely pace as well as seeing the scissor door in action.

Make sure you watch to the end, too, where you’ll see the driver do his best Kimi Raikkonen off-track impression.

[Source: WCF]

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[…] Visually the only major difference between the car you see above and the concept shown in Paris last year is the paint colour. According to McLaren the only other change of note is the addition of some cooling ducts ahead of the front wheels. Which kind of makes a mockery of the prototypes being driven around in full camo attire. […]

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