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The life and times of Adrian Newey

2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

No matter how you look at it, Adrian Newey is a legend. He has won F1 championships with three different teams (Williams 1992–94, 1996; McLaren 1998; Red Bull 2010–12) . Prior to his F1 success, Newey had already collected the biggest trophies in the Indycar category too.

To translate that to footballing terms, imagine a manager that has won a total of eight EPL titles with three different clubs, after already winning a pair of championships in another country. That’s a run of enviable success in anyone’s language.

But Newey’s career has also had some incredibly deep lows; the death of Ayrton Senna in the FW16 being the obvious example here.

Racecar Engineering has compiled a snapshot of Newey’s achievements, good and bad, and it’s very much worth reading. Here’s a snippet we liked:

Our story of Adrian Newey’s career does not start with a hiring but instead a request for his immediate departure. As a teenager Newey attended the historic Repton public school (at the same time as Jeremy Clarkson) but was asked to leave after he high-jacked a school concert soundcheck and blew out a stained glass window.

[Source: Racecar Engineering | Pic: Getty Images | Thanks to Micky for the tip]