More power than you can poke a buyer at

Holden's 430kW/740Nm 6.2 litre supercharged LSA engine

Media leaks have revealed that Holden’s upcoming range topping Gen-F HSV models will be powered by a stonking 430kW/740Nm supercharged 6.2 litre V8. That’s more than the new BMW M5 (412kW/680Nm) and heaps more than the Audi RS4 (331kW/430Nm). Crikey!

Such a shame that nobody is buying Holdens any more.

[Source: carsales | Thanks to John for the tip]

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Maybe I’m misinterpreting your last sentence, but rather than saying something like “Such a shame that nobody is buying Holdens any more” and sounding like a bit of a smart***, you should be encouraging people with the news of what HSV is doing.
Theyre Australian. As Australians and as motoring enthusiasts we should be supportive of them. And proud of what they are doing with the new model line-up. Then maybe people would be more interested in Holden/HSV and support the australian car insdustry. Otherwise you should rename the site from AusMotive to KoreanMotive

…Expecting a backlash now

It’d be EUROmotive at the very least anyway. 😉

The thing is, it wouldn’t matter what AUSmotive said in favour of Holden or HSV, they are hemorrhaging buyers at an alarming rate.

Ford is barely a shadow of its former self and, unfortunately, it looks like it won’t be long until Holden is the same, if it’s not already.

We, as a nation, can be as proud of the local car industry as we like, but if we keep voting with our wallets and buying imported cars then ultimately reality will bite hard for our local car industry, regardless of how much life support various governments provide.

Hang on, leaving the aside for the moment…..

Isn’t more power the very last thing that this new commodore needs?

Last time I checked GM is a US listed company. All global financial decisions are rubber stamped in Detroit. How the yanks managed to con the Aust government into throwing our taxes into a black hole is beyond me.

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