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Chris Harris and the element of surprise

Chris Harris is a lucky bastard

Here’s your latest Chris Harris fix. Today he’s at the wheel of the highly desirable Audi R8 V10 Plus, the equally wantable 997 Porsche 911 Turbo S and giant killing Nissan GT-R that’s been warmed over by Litchfield.

He tracks the cars around Anglesey, down the Bruntingthorpe drag strip and on the road. Whatever order you think these cars will be ranked at the end of this comparison, think again. Most of all have fun watching the verdict being reached.

Although, the results of the flat out drag race will probably be exactly what you expect to see. And, wow!

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3 golf and one other vw video. Followed by a Chris Harris video. Point proven :)))

Well, I’ve never pretended to be any different. But it’s a little unfair to use that example in the middle of the Wörthersee show. 😆

For the record, here’s the current top 10 categories by number of articles:

Formula 1 (1005)
Audi (520)
BMW (489)
Volkswagen (464)
Motorsports (402)
Porsche (397)
News (354)
Mercedes-Benz (342)
Ferrari (339)

“3 golf and one other vw video. Followed by a Chris Harris video.”

Which is exactly why we come here.

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