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This is one angry sounding 911

Porsche 911 with HMS exhaust

It’s rare that we highlight aftermarket goodies here on AUSmotive, not because we don’t love a bit of post-factory indulgence, mainly because there’s just so much out there we simply don’t have the time to keep up to date. However, this video we could not let slip.

The car is a Porsche 991 911 Cabriolet and it’s been fitted with an HMS exhaust. And it sounds insane! The only shame of this clip is that there’s a bit of distortion about three quarters the way through. When you hear it you won’t be surprised there’s distortion, either.

If only all cars sounded as good as this! Eleven: turn it up…

[Thanks to Marko for the tip]

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Oh my .. I think I just experienced what James May does when he gets that “fizzing” sensation..

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