How to make an F1 car: part 1

Red Bull Racing: How to make an F1 car

Ferrari, Lotus, McLaren and Mercedes, you’re all getting your arses served to you on a platter by Adrian Newey and his Red Bull Racing mates. So they’re here to do their bit to equalise the Formula 1 grid by showing you how to make an F1 car. In this case we’re looking at 2013 championship winning RB9 (see what we did there).

They’ll be doing so in a series of four videos, so best you all sit down, pay attention and take some bloody notes!


Infiniti Red Bull Racing is launching a new mini-series starting today called: The Making of an F1 Car

Split into four short episodes, the series will feature

  • PART 1: Design and R&D (Wed 18 September)
  • PART 2: Composites (Wed 25 September)
  • PART 3: Manufacturing (Wed 2 October)
  • PART 4: Assembly (Wed 9 October)

Using exclusive interviews with team members and showcasing detailed and artistic footage of the intricate procedures required to make an F1 car, this mini-series sees Infiniti Red Bull Racing opening its factory doors to show how an F1 car is made.