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Chris Harris on the Ferrari F12 berlinetta

Ferrari F12 berlinetta

“There’s nothing the world needs less, and there’s nothing I want more. Because it’s the best car of its type I’ve ever driven!”

Yes, it’s safe to say Chris Harris—who is now clearly back in Ferrari’s good books—loves the F12 berlinetta.

Oh, a big pat on the back for regular cameraman Neil Carey, too, this is some of his best work for Drive. Well done all, it’s a great video.

4 replies on “Chris Harris on the Ferrari F12 berlinetta”

Wasn’t Chris banned from Ferraris or something to that tune?

Regardless what an epic car. Looks and sounds out of this world!


Yeah I think he was really trying to say that he hated the crap out of that car. So much so taht he said it was the best car of it is kind…

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