Just in case the F12 wasn’t already special enough

Ferrari F12berlinetta

The Ferrari F12 berlinetta is a beautiful thing. It’s stupidly fast, it drives like a dream and it’s stunning to look at. Thankfully, Ferrari reckons they can make it even better.

First, Ferrari plans to strip a massive 200kg from the F12 and then give it an extra 30bhp. That would give the mighty V12 a peak power output of 760bhp (566kW). The net result will be the F12 Speciale.

It’s expected the model will only be limited by the number of people willing and able to buy one. A launch date could be as soon as the Geneva Motor Show next March.

A heavily revised aero package may restrict the Speciale’s top speed compared with the berlinetta, but the Speciale will get there quicker.

Could this be the last normally aspirated Ferrari V12 ever made? Regardless this is going to be a very special car indeed. Start buying those lotto tickets people!

[Source: Autocar]

Ferrari Video

480 cylinders, 20.832km

Ferrari F12 berlinetta gathering at the Nurburgring

Ferrari assembled 40 owners of the immensely desirable F12 berlinetta and took them to the Nürburgring Nordschleife for a private track day. It was the largest gathering of F12s in Germany.

These photos and brief video can’t really begin tell you how much fun that would have been. They can’t put you in the moment.

They can’t replicate the experience of first nervously exiting the TF gates and shooting towards the famous Bilstein bridge at Antoniusbuche. It can’t make you feel your heart flutter as you decide when to lift the accelerator at Quiddlebacher Hohe so you can make it around Flugplatz. Or the thrill and sensory delight of firing down Füchsrohre.

But they’re the best we’ve got. And hopefully those words helped more than the rather modest video from Ferrari. They took 40 F12s to the Ring and that’s all they could come up with?!


Ferrari F12 TRS revealed in Sicily

Ferrari F12 TRS

Isn’t this just stunning! It’s the latest one-off creation from Ferrari and it’s called the F12 TRS. Based on the awesome F12 berlinetta the TRS cost the owner a reported US$4.2 million.

The car was first shown at last weekend’s Ferrari Cavalcade event in Sicily, which looks like it attracts the who’s who of the tifosi.

The F12 TRS is powered by the same V12 from the berlinetta and has the same 740CV (544kW) on tap. It sees off all standing start acceleration times with a minimum of fuss and can reach 200km/h in only 8.5 seconds.

The open top styling is based on the 1957 250 Testa Rossa and we think it looks sensational! There’s a brief press release after the break, which is followed with a series of unofficial videos and happy snaps.


Ferrari SP America spied

Ferrari SP America

Based on the F12 Berlinetta this one-off SP America is the latest model from Ferrari’s Special Projects division. Special Projects is a bespoke skunkworks for the rich and famous and includes clients such as Eric Clapton.

Not much is known about this car, other than the fact it exists and, as you might expect, it features custom bodywork. If Ferrari comes up trumps with an official statement we’ll be sure to let you know.

[Source: Motor Authority]

Ferrari Video

The sound of 12 angry cylinders

Ferrari F12berlinetta

I want you to do me a favour please. You can trust me, you’ll like this one.

Close your eyes and picture yourself in the French riviera. Good start?

Now, imagine you’re behind the wheel of a Ferrari F12 berlinetta. Remember, it’s got a 544kW V12 engine. Getting better?!

You’re at the bottom of a very large hill, with a winding road and you’re pointing towards the summit.


What do you think that would sound like? Check the clip after the jump to find out…

[Video: Marchettino | Thanks to Tim for the tip]

Ferrari Video

Chris Harris on the Ferrari F12 berlinetta

Ferrari F12 berlinetta

“There’s nothing the world needs less, and there’s nothing I want more. Because it’s the best car of its type I’ve ever driven!”

Yes, it’s safe to say Chris Harris—who is now clearly back in Ferrari’s good books—loves the F12 berlinetta.

Oh, a big pat on the back for regular cameraman Neil Carey, too, this is some of his best work for Drive. Well done all, it’s a great video.


Ferrari F12 berlinetta reviews rev up

Ferrari F12berlinetta

Ferrari’s eye-catching F12 berlinetta, powered by a 544kW V12 up front, has found its way into the hands of the world’s motoring media. Here’s a sample of what’s been said:

Autocar (Andrew Frankel): …as a device that can be used everyday (as 20 per cent of owners will), for taking long journeys laden with luggage and then, when you arrive, leaving the other half in the hotel and heading for the hills, I’m not sure it has an equal. A Veyron is not just four times more expensive, it’s less practical and not as fun to drive. An Aventador offers a greater sense of occasion while subjectively its engine is actually at least a match for the Ferrari’s, but it’s let down by its handling, its gearbox and relative lack of carrying capacity.

Automobile (Jason Cammisa): The F12 might be Ferrari’s fastest car ever, but more important, it’s the most fun Ferrari in years. Slap on a grin and hop on in; this is a rolling festival of perfection; a glistening red celebration of beauty, performance, and involvement that shames the all-new Porsche 991-chassis 911, the Lamborghini Aventador, and everything between. Imagine supercar performance, luxury-car accoutrements, and driver’s-car steering. It is, if you can indulge us in a made-up word that’s as silly as the car’s official name, F12brilliant.

Car (Ben Barry): It’s amazing, and a big leap over the previous 599 – GTO special edition included. Part of the key to this is the hyper-quick steering, which uses the same funny-fast ratio as the 458 – you very rarely feel the need to move your hands from the quarter-to-three position, even in hairpins. This combined with tyres that are wider and have stiffer sidewalls than the 458, and suspension that’s both very supple and incredibly controlled gives the nose an extremely responsive and darty feel.

Evo (Jethro Bovingdon): …although the engine and clever drivetrain dominate the experience, it’s supported by a seriously capable and exciting chassis. Ferrari has gone for an even quicker steering rack ratio, which take some getting used to and never feels totally natural, especially in high speed corners. However, hiding beneath that sometimes too-aggressive response is superb balance and a good degree of suppleness, too. I can’t think of a more agile front-engined, rear-drive car with big firepower.

Generally speaking, then, the F12 berlinetta is scoring rave reviews. What is interesting is the widely varying opinions on the car’s steering. Andrew Frankel reckons the speed of the rack is “a mistake”, while Jason Cammisa declares: “the F12’s superfast rack might just be the best part of the whole car.”

We know that words alone are not enough, so we’ve added a couple of F12 video reviews for after the break you as well.


VIDEO: Ferrari F12 berlinetta in action

Ferrari F12 berlinetta at Fiorano

We really, really like the Ferrari F12 berlinetta. After watching this video of the car being driven around Ferrari’s Fiorano test track we like it even more. We think you will too.

In case you’ve forgotten, the F12 berlinetta is powered by a fearsome 540kW/690Nm 6.2 litre V12. It sounds awesome and it goes plenty fast, able to reach 100km/h in just 3.1 seconds and on to a top speed beyond 340km/h.



Ferrari launches F12 berlinetta microsite

Ferrari F12berlinetta

Ferrari has just launched a new microsite for the stunning new F12 berlinetta. First you have to listen to Luca di Montezemolo telling you how great the new car is, but soon after you can start to pick colours, change the wheels, listen to sound clips of the new 740hp V12 at full noise and more. Have fun!



VIDEO: Ferrari F12 berlinetta

Ferrari brings us two promo videos of its stunning new F12 berlinetta. The first is a digital flyover showing the car from all angles. After the break you can see Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa driving a development model around Fiorano.

Oh yeah, the F12 berlinetta can lap Fiorano in 1 minute 23 seconds. Apparently that’s the fastest road Ferrari lap ever recorded.


Ferrari F12 berlinetta revealed

Ferrari F12berlinetta


This is the Ferrari F12berlinetta. We thought it was going to be called the F620, but we were wrong. We thought it was going to be a bit, well, ugly. We were wrong.

The 599 replacement is powered by a new 6262cc V12 engine which is good for 740CV (544kW) at 8500rpm and 690Nm of torque at 6000rpm. The F12berlinetta is the most powerful production Ferrari ever.

It tips the scales at a portly 1525kg, albeit 70kg lighter than the 599, but can accelerate to 100km/h in just 3.1 seconds; 200km/h in a mere 8.5 seconds. Its top speed is bloody fast, Ferrari say it’s north of 340km/h.

A 46:54 front to rear weight distribution ensures there’s just a bit more weight over the rear axle, which is just how you want it in a car like this. Downforce has been helped with the ‘Aero Bridge’ in the bonnet which pushes air towards the flanks of the impressive bodywork.

An F1-style transmission, new-generation carbon ceramic brakes and technological marvels like E-Diff and F1-Trac ensure there’s plenty of toys for the rich boys lucky enough to afford this masterpiece.

The sculptural qualities and dramatic form of the exterior look fantastic in the supplied pics. But will it look as good in everyday conditions? We certainly hope so. Check it out for yourself after the break.