VIDEO: Episode 2 of Project Binky

Project Binky

Bad Obesession Motorsport is back with Episode 2 of its Project Binky experiment, where the aim is to fit a Celica GT4 drivetrain into the shell of an Austin Mini.

Actually this episode was first published a few weeks ago and we just remembered to check on progress. And the good news is that means we’re already much closer to the next update.

If you need to catch up we recommend you go back and watch Episode 1, where the team ends with the revelation that the Mini’s front-end doesn’t fit around the Celica’s engine. Who’d a thunk it! So, in this episode you’ll get to see how project leader, Nik Blackhurst, goes about getting his own way.

These guys deserve a much wider audience, so we reckon it would be a good thing for you to spread the word.