Episode 12 of Project Binky

Project Binky is back and that means AUSmotive awakens from its slumber. Back to Binky; after 11 episodes, spread across two and a half years, Nik comes out with this pearler: “It’s at this point that things start to get a bit tricky.” This episode covers a lot of material, mostly to do with the […]

Episode 11 of Project Binky

Nik and Richard send us into the Christmas break with the eleventh instalment of their epic Project Binky crusade. This time we see the lads working on the steering geometry and transmission setup. As ever it’s an episode filled with pitfalls and problem solving leading to complicated and clever engineering solutions. As for AUSmotive, well […]

VIDEO: Episode 10 of Project Binky

Nik, Richard and the world’s coolest and most over engineered car are back with Episode 10 of Project Binky. Working the Bad Obsession Motorsport lads into a lather this episode were the problems of installing the pedal box and the steering assembly.

VIDEO: Episode 9 of Project Binky

You eagerly wait months for an update on the extremely cool Project Binky, then go away for a few weeks and miss the latest episode. Don’t you hate that. Fear not, because here is Episode 9 now. Yes, nine episodes are behind us and we’re still looking at an empty shell! But, as you’ll see […]

VIDEO: Episode 8 of Project Binky

Due to the recent inactivity on AUSmotive it’s clear we’ve been having fun and enjoying the festive season. Thankfully, our good pals Nik and Richard from Bad Obsession Motorsport have been working their arses off to bring you a new episode of Project Binky for your enjoyment. And it’s another ball-tearering episode too. Yep, a […]

VIDEO: Episode 7 of Project Binky

Here’s a great way to start your weekend, the latest episode of Project Binky! The focus of this episode is cooling and even a bit of consideration for modern day crash protection. Not to mention a critique of Jim Morrison’s  music career. As always you will be blown away by the engineering and level of […]

VIDEO: Episode 6 of Project Binky

Nik and Richard from Bad Obsession Motorsport are back with the latest episode of Project Binky, which is surely the internet’s coolest build project. As you can see from the still above the bodywork of the old Austin Mini has been pretty well taken care of. There’s not a lot of the old car left. […]

VIDEO: Episode 5 of Project Binky

It’s been two months since the last Project Binky update and when you see the amount of work that’s happened since Episode 4 and then think about how much is still left to do, well, it’s actually quite frightening. The amount of respect and admiration these guys deserve can hardly be measured.

VIDEO: Episode 4 of Project Binky

Richard and Nik are back with the latest update on Project Binky. Without giving anything away they’ve made made great progress and are in fine form. We like this bit of text from the YouTube description: “It finally dawns on us that it just might be possible to get the 3SGTE engine in the car […]

VIDEO: Episode 3 of Project Binky

Bad Obsession Motorsport updated us with Episode 3 of Project Binky on Christmas Day. As you know we’ve been enjoying a leisurely festive break as far as regular updates to AUSmotive are concerned, so a few days late here’s your chance to see how things are progressing in this very challenging, but very cool project. […]

VIDEO: Episode 2 of Project Binky

Bad Obesession Motorsport is back with Episode 2 of its Project Binky experiment, where the aim is to fit a Celica GT4 drivetrain into the shell of an Austin Mini. Actually this episode was first published a few weeks ago and we just remembered to check on progress. And the good news is that means […]

VIDEO: Meet Project Binky

We’d like to introduce you to what we hope will become a YouTube sensation. Looking at the view count three weeks after this video was published it looks like there’s a way to go, but the ingredients are certainly there. So what are those ingredients. We start with the crusty, rusty Austin Mini 1000 you […]