BMW Australia to price M235i from $79,900

BMW M235i


BMW Australia is arming its dealers with pricing and specification details for the forthcoming 2 Series Coupe. Local allocations will begin production in January 2014, meaning you could start seeing them in showrooms by March, possibly late February.

Let’s get straight into it then, thanks to a reliable tip-off, we can reveal there’ll be three 2 Series models offered in Australia:

BMW 220i Coupe – $50,500*
BMW 220d Coupe – $52,500*
BMW M235i Coupe – $79,900*
*Manufacturer’s list pricing (includes GST & LCT), correct at time of publication.

We’ll focus on the M235i for now. Costing well over 80-grand driveaway, at full retail price, we’re seeing the reality of BMW’s aim of placing a higher premium on the 2 Series Coupe compared with the 1 Series hatch. The M135i currently has a list price of $64,900 and $15,000 buys a lot of options. On the other hand you get an extra 5kW and a pretty face in the M235i.

Like the F20 M135i, standard pricing for the F22 M235i includes the well received 8-speed auto transmission. Other base equipment includes Professional navigation, extended Bluetooth connectivity, Cruise Control with braking function and dual zone climate control.

Crucially, for performance-minded buyers, the M235i pricing will position it in between the Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG hatchback ($74,990) and four-door CLA 45 AMG ($86,900).

Further details for the Australian 2 Series range can be found after the break.

BMW 2 Series Coupe

BMW 2 Series Coupe

BMW 2 Series Coupe

BMW M235i

BMW M235i

BMW 2 Series 220i Coupe (1J12) – $50,500*
Four-cylinder in-line turbocharged with direct injection, 135kW, 270Nm, 0–100km/h: 7.0 sec, EU fuel consumption: 5.7 litres/100km, CO2 emissions: 134g/km

BMW 2 Series 220d Coupe (1H12) – $52,500*
Four-cylinder in-line turbocharged diesel, 135kW, 380Nm, 0–100km/h: 7.1 sec, EU fuel consumption: 4.2 litres/100km, CO2 emissions: 111g/km

BMW 2 Series M235i Coupe (1J72) – $79,900*
Six-cylinder in-line turbocharged with direct injection, 240kW, 450Nm, 0–100km/h: 4.8 sec, EU fuel consumption: 7.6 litres/100km, CO2 emissions: 176g/km

*Manufacturer’s list pricing (includes GST & LCT), correct at time of publication.

Standard specification highlights

  • 8-speed sports automatic transmission with Launch Control and ECO PRO mode with coasting function.
  • Navigation system Business (standard for 220i/200d)
  • Navigation system Professional (standard for M235i)
  • Extended Bluetooth connectivity
  • Cruise Control with braking function
  • Automatic air conditioning with 2-zone control

Highlights include

  • Standard equipment lines: Sport Line or Modern Line for 2201i and 220d.
  • Functional elegance with a free-standing flatscreen on-board monitor.
  • An Easy-Entry function built into the front seat provides convenient access for the rear passengers.
  • Unique versatility thanks to an optional 40/20/40-split rear backrest.
  • Superior everyday usability – features include large storage compartments in the doors and two cup holders positioned in front of the shift lever/gear selector.
  • Increased space – more legroom (+21mm) and foot room in the rear as well as 20 litres of additional luggage compartment capacity (390 litres).

Option programme

Advanced Parking Package (Z1D) – $1400 ($1000 for M235i)
Parking Assistant
Front parking sensors
Rear view camera

Visibility Package (Z1E) – $2500 ($1200 for M235i)
Bi-Xenon headlights
Headlight washers
Adaptive headlights
High-Beam Assistance
Anti-dazzle exterior mirrors

Professional Multimedia Package (Z1G) – $2400 (n/a for M235i)
Navigation system professional
Internet functionality
Instrument cluster with extended contents
Harmon/Kardon Sound System
DAB audio

Comfort Package (Z1H) – $2400
Comfort Access System
Electric seats with memory function
Lumbar support
Seat heating for driver and front passenger

M Sport Package (337) – $4385 (std for M235i)
18” M light-alloy wheels
M Sport steering wheel
M Aerodynamics package
High-gloss black window surrounds
Aluminium door sills with M designation
Dakota leather upholstery
Anthracite roof liner

BMW 2 Series Coupe

BMW 2 Series Coupe

BMW 2 Series Coupe

Paint colours

Alpine White (300)*
Black (668)
Black Sapphire (475)*
Melbourne Red (A75)*
Glacier Silver (A83)*
Deep Sea Blue (A76)
Mineral Grey (B39)*
Midnight Blue (B38)
Mineral White (A96)*
Moonlight Silver (B66)
Sparkling Brown (B53)
Valencia Orange (B44)
Estoril Blue (B45)* – exclusive to M Sport Package and M235i

*Indicates available with M Sport Package and M235i

BMW 2 Series coupe dimensions (compared to E82 1 Series Coupe)

Length: +72mm (4432mm compared to 4360mm)
Width: +32mm (1774mm compared to 1742mm)
Height: -5mm (1418mm compared to 1423mm)
Wheelbase: +30mm (2690mm compared to 2660mm)
Track (front): +41mm (1521mm compared to 1480mm)
Track (rear): +43mm rear (1556mm compared to 1513mm)

25 replies on “BMW Australia to price M235i from $79,900”

That’s expensive. I’m pretty sure that’s more than the outgoing model. And 15K price premium over the hatch is a joke. Bad move BMW. Was looking forward to this but 80K is a bit rich given MB/Audis prices. 5 years ago it might have been ok but not anymore.

With all options ticked for the M235i (which you would need to do to match the standard fare in the Merc) it its $84,500, only $2,400 below the CLA.. hmmmm then there is metalic paint (included as standard in the Merc pricing) and there is no mention of BMWs sunroof option (included as standard in the Merc pricing). My guess is that to have a similarly specified BMW it will exceed the Merc by a $1000 or so.

Then there’s the fact the Merc is a AMG not an ///M Lite.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d prefer the BM but for Fs sake BMW wake up to the reality of 2013/14, Merc has moved on, time for you to do the same!

With a 79k car, I would expect the full Visibility Pack, Front Parking Sensors and a few odd items from the Comfort package be standard equipment on a M235i.

Initially I thought wow that’s expensive… which it is but then again the CLA45 AMG is just as expensive…

Despite what people seem to think… the M135 and the A45 are very similarly priced, after ticking all the boxes… To me the difference is whether you want an AWD hot hatch bullet… or a RWD hot hatch which performs but with a bit more driver input and fun.

I tested both cars recently and I found yes the AMG is amazing, its blisteringly quick but around corners the BMW RWD is more fun to drive. There are many pros and cons between those two cars, I love the seats in the AMG, however, the overall interior package and built quality (interior) the BMW wins. Despite saying that between those two I’d pick the AMG, because its a great looking car, and despite the lack of feel in driving, for a daily driver I think its a better option.

However, when it comes to the M235i vs CLA45 AMG. I think I would prefer the BMW (of course having not driven one) even though its not out yet. I like the looks a lot better than the CLA. I also think when it comes to a coupe style of car, performance is not as important, yet styling and looks are.

As for the overall pricing, I think neither cars are “over the top”. The M135i and A45 AMG are extremely well price (under the LCT) whereas both the M235i and CLA45 are over the LCT which makes it less attractive, considering its basically the same car, hence I doubt you’d see many top of the range CLA or 2 series around.

But again, can we really justify spending $85-$95k on a small hot hatch/coupe? In my opinion no. For $50k you can get the Renault RS265, which I think despite the lack of power (comparatively), it is a much much better drivers car, of course it lacks the luxurious part however I have yet to drive a better hot hatch. And on the other scale of things, for $65-70k you can get a Mk7 Golf R… again its not as luxurious as the MB or BMW… but you save $15-20k…

Comparisons ot the S3 are not right. That car is all at sea thesedays with regards to performance. So Audi have rightly taken the route of offering great value for money since they have choice. BMW are a lot nearer to their new AMG competition but still don’t quite seem to get it. Not enough standard kit in the M235i for 80k.

15K diff back to the M135i but compared to the old 135i coupe the pricing seems around the mark.

I think Benz is having a laugh with CLA 45 pricing though lol.

Let’s not forget that the RRP of the M135i was $10k higher a year ago than today, but it was then quite possible to negotiate at least 12% off, sometimes more.

Setting RRPs is a tricky business, as it affects consumer perception of the brand.

If they ever get rid of that ordinary 8 speed ZF, and replace it with a proper dual clutch, I’ll be listening again!

After 5000 kms of using the 8 speed ZF, I could only conclude: it’s just another slushy automatic.

@ GTI, at least you can have a Manual option in a BM, unlike Merc. I won’t ever buy a Auto/Dual clutch if Manual is an option.

BM saves the Dual Clutch stuff for ///M cars, just wait 2 years and you can have one… in the ///M2 DOH!!!

BMW’s philosophy is you can have an ugly 5 door version of this car for a good price.
But as soon as we make it attractive, we’ll charge you $15k more.
Get stuffed. This car should cost LESS than the A45 AMG, not more.

@ BMWBS, why do you think the M235i should cost less than the 4cyl 2L hatchback?
I suspect BMW market their coupe/sedan vehicles to a more mature market who are happy to do away with the hot hatch boy racer image, BMW are more than aware of the options in the market place and price their cars accordingly. Yes you will see more A45’s on the street, better value for money, perhaps, but will not interest most M235i customers.
Dennis summed it up well.

@GTI, do you have the 8 speed in a M135i or a different car? In the M135i it is calibrated beautifully especially in sports and manual mode. I have owned several duL clutch cars and I can assure you that I rate the M135i gearbox higher! The M135i comes with what they call sports auto which is better than the ones in the 125i for example. It was also a $4k option when auto was still a cost option on the M135i.

GTI I’m calling you out as a pure keyboard warrior and an utter liar!

Some of the best motoring journalists in Europe and the rest of the world have tested the ZF 8 speed auto transmission and it is nothing like a “slush box” you describe. They have their reviews on youtube and even blind Freddy can see they don’t drive like slush box. You need to stop driving your dad’s trimatic 1980 Commodore and thinking every auto since drives the same way mate!

ZF make some of the best auto transmissions in the world. Most feel the ZF 8 speed shifts faster and smoother than alot of overhyped DSG’s. You seriously are a liar and have never driven the ZF 8 speed. Go on prove me wrong you turb and post a video of you driving the car and show us what a slush box it is? I can believe this pathetic nonsense being stated by people that are purely lying out of their teeth.

Won’t argue about the list price but i think a couple of the option packs should be standard like xenons (actually the whole visability pack), parking sensors and electric seats.

Xenons will definitely be standard on M235i. Take the M135i spec + extra spec and Coupe surcharge; that’s how it got to $79,990. But they may drop pricing just before release, like they did on 4 Series!

[…] Originally Posted by ConR Not to sidetrack, but pretty high pricing on the new M235i. Option it up, and it's not going to be far off what the 1M was. And the M235i isn't a true M car! It also seems to share the same disgraceful back end style as the M135i (at least my opinion). The outgoing 135i is better looking. BMW 2 Series coupe priced from $50,500 | CarAdvice You should read AUSmotive. » BMW Australia to price M235i from $79,900 […]

Compared to GTR’s GR6 trans, 8sp ZF in my 335i is much better.
If you kickdown the GR6, it downshift to around 3500-4000 rpms, while in 8sp ZF it goes to 4500-5000rpms utilizing better powerband.
Not to mention it’s much smoother, I think its as good as my GTI’s DSG
Porsche PDK and Ferrari Dual clutch F1 trans is another story ….

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