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BMW M235i Racing is already winning

BMW M235i Racing

We all love the new BMW M235i, right. Well, BMW has now given us more reason to love it with the announcement they will be making an M235i Racing customer racecar. Designed initially for use in the Nürburgring 24 hour race and its associated VLN endurance series it is priced from €59,500 (excluding taxes). That’s only around AU$89,000!

We like this bit from the BMW Motorsport text: “The car also comes with mechanical limited-slip differential, which is also available for the BMW M235i Coupé in the original BMW Parts range.”

The M235i Racing has had its electronic driver aids tuned for motorsport and the car also comes fitted with a roll cage and racing fuel tank. Power is up slightly from the production model—from 240kW to 245kW—and the pumped up body kit shown in the rendering above makes an already good looking car look even more aggressive. We can’t think of any good reason why these won’t sell like hot cakes.

Bravo BMW, bravo!

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