Of course they’re going to make an M2, right?

BMW M235i Racing

Ever since BMW decided to introduce the 2 Series badge it’s been assumed (by us at least) that would pave the way for the eventual introduction of an M2 as the replacement for the rather clumsily titled 1 Series M Coupé.

According to BimmerFile the official word out of Munich when asked about the M2 is, “There are no plans and we’re not working on it.”

We don’t like the sound of that at all. If nothing else the M235i Racing, with its flared guards, has teased us as to what an M2 might look like. And we like what we see!

As BimmerFile speculates, the willingness of AMG to “age-down” its brand with models like the A45 AMG and CLA 45 AMG should force BMW’s hand on the M2.

That’s if Munich’s hand needs forcing at all. The 2 Series is still very new and with a multi-year life cycle ahead of it we can probably expect BMW to hold off on the release of the M2 for a few years yet. That’s often been the way with the brand’s high-end M products.

Yes, BMW is launching the M4 pretty much straight after the release of the 4 Series Coupe, but we still think BMW will do the right thing and deliver us an M2.

[Source: BimmerFile]

5 replies on “Of course they’re going to make an M2, right?”

If they made that car the M2 they would be in a bita trouble, BMW wouldn’t be able to meet demand, that’s a given IMO.

Or maybe they’ll start tail-ending the models, as Audi does with RS models.

I suspect BMW’s thinking is that releasing an M2 now, or in the next year would cannibalise M4 sales. Hence the “tail-end” strategy.

M2 is a no-brainer. But it will come at the end of the life cycle, same as the 135i based 1M.

My bet is that they will release a 1M hatch and M2 twin before the updated 1 series is released in 2016. So call it mid 2015. Or am I just a dreamer?

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