“Faster than an original McLaren F1”

Chris Harris drives the McLaren 650S

Chris Harris is taking a week off from his Drive duties, which means we can bring you up to speed with what he did in his last video. You may have already seen it, but if not here he is waxing lyrical about the McLaren 650S. As is customary now, we get a bit of behind the scenes technical talk which is much easier to take in than reading press releases word for word.

We only see the car on the track but that’s still enough to make us think we wish we were there too. Just watch the super slo-mo of the 650S slicing through some esses at the 10:00 mark.

But before you do watch the video take a moment to read and take in the quote we’ve used to title this post. Then look out for it in the commentary and also ponder how nonchalantly Harris delivers those words.