McLaren 675LT gets limited production run

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This is the McLaren 675LT. In basic terms it’s the ‘longtail’ version of the 650S. Aside from the proud heritage of the longtail name to the McLaren brand, in this context longtail means the 675LT is 100kg lighter than the 650S, has more power, is more extreme and is, of course, a bit faster as […]

A decent day out indeed

Steve Sutcliffe and his mates from Autocar recently spent the day at Castle Combe with half a million quids worth of track toys. Fighting for their attention was the Ferrari 458 Speciale, the McLaren 650S and the Porsche 911 GT3. Which one do you think will be the fastest? And which one would you take […]

McLaren reveals special edition 650S

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McLaren is rocking up to the Goodwood Festival of Speed with this black ops (say, that again) version of its 650S. Lovingly crafted by McLaren Special Operations only 50 of these will be made available worldwide. We’d not be so rude to call this car a cynical exercise in extracting more folding stuff from cashed […]

Just shut up and drift

Chris Harris has already told us what he thinks about the new McLaren 650S. However, it would appear he thinks we didn’t get the drift the first time around, so has come back for seconds.

“Faster than an original McLaren F1”

Chris Harris is taking a week off from his Drive duties, which means we can bring you up to speed with what he did in his last video. You may have already seen it, but if not here he is waxing lyrical about the McLaren 650S. As is customary now, we get a bit of […]

Geneva 2014: McLaren 650S & 650S Spider

We already knew McLaren would unveil its new 650S Coupé at the Geneva Motor Show, and we knew there would be a 650S at some stage too. We didn’t know both would be taking centre stage under the bright lights in Geneva. The 650S, then, is a cross between a 12C and a P1, in […]

McLaren 650S Coupé officially previewed

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McLaren has reacted to leaked images of the new 650S by giving us a handful of images and a few details to go with. This comment from the press release pretty much sums up the current approach: “Performance figures will be confirmed ahead of the Geneva Show but will improve on the already rapid 12C […]

McLaren 650S gets the leaky treatment

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Apparently the McLaren 650S has been presented to a private audience and these grainy leaked images are the dregs left for the common man like you and me. That’s until the 650S is revealed at Geneva next month. Based on the 12C, the 650S has, as its name suggests, an engine producing 650PS (478kW). It’s […]

McLaren 650S model name announced

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McLaren inconsistent model naming regime has extended with official word its bringing a new model to the Geneva Motor Show called the 650S. Understood to refer to its peak horsepower the 650S will be a limited model sitting between the 12C and the P1. That still leaves the entry-level P13 in the pipeline too. Aside […]