The LaFerrari has arrived!


Finally, the LaFerrari has had its media launch, which means we have a selection of videos for you from the A-list motoring hacks who were invited to Fiorano to play.

We have videos from Autocar (Steve Sutcliffe), Car (Chris Chilton) and Evo (Dickie Meaden). The overwhelming feedback seems to be that the LaFerrari is as easy to drive as a 458 Italia. With a lot more power, of course!

Dickie Meaden says the LaFerrari offers a different and more raw experience compared with the McLaren P1, while commenting the feel under braking, when regenerative magic is feeding the electric motor, is superior to the Porsche 918.

Chris Harris has driven the car for Road & Track and says:

Throttle response is, well, electric! I’ve always wanted to say that in the literal sense. Urge is instant and entirely predictable on the throttle input. It just goes from 1500 rpm and keeps pulling, building to 9000 rpm, all the while leaving a rooster of V12 shriek that must be one of the finest noises ever created. This feels profoundly faster than the F12. Traction is superb, and the traction control allows decent slip angles without jagged throttle cuts.

Perhaps aiding the LaFerrari’s high excitement is the fact the 120kW electric motor is there solely to complement the raucous and superb sounding normally aspirated 708kW 6.2 litre V12. There’s no petrol saving electric-only mode here.

In the old money the LaFerrari has 950hp, sent only to the rear wheels, and all who have driven it so far are amazed at the throttle response and outright power. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a go yourself. Sadly, videos like these are as close as you’re going to get.

All we need now is to see who wins the race to review the LaFerrari, the 918 and the P1 in a back-to-back mega test.