Instant torque’s gonna get you

The Ferrari 458 Italia is a pretty quick car, right. In a straight out drag race there’s not many cars that can beat it. Surely a miserly four-door Tesla Model S can’t do it? Well, off the line, yes, it can. And by some margin. This is thanks to the Tesla’s near-instant torque and all-wheel […]

VIDEO: Porsche 911 GT3 v Ferrari 458 Speciale

Ben Barry from Car magazine has the enviable task of comparing the Porsche 911 GT3 against the Ferrari 458 Speciale. Both cars have so much personality, so much power, so much appeal. Wouldn’t a day behind the wheel of these two cars, on empty open roads, be a great day out! As a self-confessed 911 […]

Ferrari 458 Speciale A revealed

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The Ferrari 458 has always been one of the best examples of car design, where aggression and elegance are given equal footing. And this convertible version of the incredibly capable 458 Speciale helps to further prove that theory. You can’t really look this 458 Speciale A and say it is a beautiful car in the […]

McLaren MP4-12C v Ferrari 458 v Noble M600

Before Evo magazine discovered what they thought needed improving in the McLaren MP4-12C first they had to test it against its competitors. The most obvious rival is the Ferrari 458 Italia. For extra laughs Evo added the Noble M600 as well. Roger Green took on the track testing duties at the Bedford Autodrome West Circuit. […]

VIDEO: McLaren MP4-12C says ‘excuse me’

True to their word Car magazine has posted their video results of the McLaren MP4-12C supercar group test. Former Mr Stig, Ben Collins, took to Rockingham Motor Speedway in a veritable orgasm of supercars to see if the McLaren could walk the walk, after talking so much talk. Up against the MP4-12C were: Audi R8 […]

A lap of Monza in a Ferrari 458 Challenge

The the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli kicked off at Monza on the weekend, which meant it was the race debut for the new 458 Challenge. What better way to bring you closer to the action than by taking you onboard the new racer for a full lap of the famous Italian circuit. Stefano Gai, 2010 […]

Ferrari 458 Challenge debuts at Bologna Motor Show

It was back in July that we first heard about the new Ferrari 458 Challenge, Maranello’s ready-to-race supercar based on the 458 Italia. Since then we’ve seen a couple of test videos showing the car in action, first at Fiorano, then at Monza. The key numbers for the 458 Challenge are 419kW at 9000rpm, 540Nm […]

Ferrari 458 Italia lights my fire, again!

This burning Ferrari 458 Italia phenomenon is getting out of control. After the break you can see video of the sizzling 458 shown above, which was filmed in China.Apparently there have been four fire incidents involving the 458 Italia in the last two weeks. Reported in the UK newspaper The Telegraph a Ferrari spokesman from […]

Ferrari 458 Challenge testing at Fiorano

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German publication auto motor und sport have posted up video footage of the Ferrari 458 Challenge undergoing allegedly secret testing at the company’s Fiorano test track. It’s all pretty straightforward really, so watch the clip below and marvel at the clinical efficiency the 458 Challenge displays.

Ferrari 458 Italia really lights my fire

This molten mess you see was once a gorgeous Ferrari 458 Italia. If you thought last week’s bbq case was a sorry sight, well, this disaster has taken things to a whole new level. According to the post on the Wrecked Exotics website this 458 was another French roast. Allegedly the car was having an […]

Ferrari 458 Italia lights my fire

The gentleman you see above got a bit of a fright when he saw the rear arch of his Ferrari 458 Italia in flames while driving through the streets of Paris. No danger of the captain going down with the ship here, though. Monsiuer Italia legged it leaving his poor 458 to a firey end. […]

Ferrari 458 Challenge announced

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The Ferrari 458 Challenge, the latest Maranello road car to racecar transformation, has just been revealed at the Annual Dealer Meeting. Of course, the Challenge version is heavily based on the already mighty 458 Italia, which has been drawing praise the world over since its launch. To make the 458 that little bit better on […]