“More than 400 horsepower!”

Volkswagen Golf R400 Concept

The recently previewed Volkswagen Golf R400 has us excited. It may have you excited too. Well, get ready to put your super-dooper excitement pants on because Heinz-Jakob Neusser, Volkswagen’s R&D boss, has been recently quoted as saying the R400, “could make more than 400 horsepower.”

Say that again.


Adding some credibility to Neusser’s comment is the fact it was made Vienna engine symposium where car makers meet to talk engines and stuff. Also within earhshot of Neusser when he uttered those words, “more than 400 horsepower,” were his bosses Ferdinand Piech, Volkswagen’s really, really big boss aka chairman of the board, and the company’s CEO Martin Winterkorn.

Even if the R400 only becomes an R401 that’s still a crap load of power to stuff into a Golf VII chassis and deliver through a Haldex V all-wheel drive-DSG combo. Even if it’s a rubbish handler it’ll still be batshit fast and that alone should make it a class-leader in smile inducing grins.

See, we told you you’d need those super-dooper excitement pants.

[Source: Car & Driver]