Dieselgate puts Golf R400 on hold

Volkswagen Golf R400 Concept

The mighty Golf R400 project has been put on indefinite hold thanks to the financial fallout from Volkswagen’s deiselgate saga. At least that’s the word coming from

According to the Aussie based website a senior Volkswagen source has confirmed with them that R400 has been “paused” along with “several other projects”.

Meanwhile, local deiselgate victims will be pleased to know their cars will be getting fixed soon, starting with Amarok models. They may be less pleased to learn they will not receive any financial compensation like US customers.

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Golf R400 production to be limited, due in 2017

Volkswagen Golf R400

Thanks to a story emerging from France we can expect the Golf R400/R420 to be based on the facelifted Golf VII. This means we could be waiting until 2017 to see Volkswagen’s hottest ever hot hatch.

It’s also suggested the R400 will be built in strictly limited numbers, although we’re not sure how many or how few there could be. Unsurprisingly pricing rumours are saying the R400 will be more expensive than the Audi RS3, which retails for around €53,000 in Germany. It’s going to be expensive, but very fast!

And we’re still no closer to solving the R400 v R420 riddle as to the car’s final peak power output. Or, for that matter, whether the car will boast a crazy 2.0 litre four-cylinder turbo or the growing talk of a mad as a hatter 2.5 litre five-pot.

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An early look at the Golf R400

Volkswagen Golf R400

Here’s an early look at the mighty Golf R400, as seen exiting the Nürburgring. It’s got flared guards. It’s got a beefy oil cooler. It’s got big brakes with drilled rotors. It’s got a big kick arse fixed rear wing. It’s got 400 horsepower. And it’s got out attention!

Follow the link below for more pics.

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UPDATE: More photos are available at


An update on the mighty Golf R400

Volkswagen Golf R400 Concept

Over the last week or so there’s been some talk about the Golf R400 being signed off for production. This is a good thing, I’m sure you’ll all agree, but it’s not actually new news. It’s over a year ago now that Car and Driver reported that Volkswagen’s powertrain boss Dr Heinz-Jakob Neusser told them the R400 would become a reality.

What is news is that the R400 might actually be an R420. That’s to say instead of boasting 400 horsepower it might actually have 420PS to play with. Dr Neusser is again the source of the latest discussion, as reported by Car.

“We have the Golf more sporty than ever before, since we soon will have the Golf R400—we will do this car,” Neusser confirmed. “We are in fact in development of it right now.”

So where does this R420 bit come from? Cast your mind back to the 2014 Geneva Motor Show and the Audi TT quattro sport concept. Yep, its EA888-based 2.0 litre turbocharged four-pot had 309kW or 420PS.

It may be that Volkswagen will leave Audi to the top-spec version of this revised high-output engine. For now, though, let’s pretend we’re going to see a Golf R420 because, well, it’d just be a bit cooler to comfortably exceed 400 horsepower in a standard production model Golf don’t you think?!

Even cooler is the suggestion that the production-spec Golf R400/R420 will debut at the Frankfurt show this September, with deliveries to follow shortly thereafter.

Bring it!

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Audi Mercedes-Benz Volkswagen

Mercedes v Volkswagen: Four-cylinder warfare

Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG engine

Mercedes-Benz has returned serve to Volkswagen in the increasingly public battle for four-cylinder supremacy.

Recent concepts from Volkswagen and Audi have shown the Volkswagen Group is looking to push beyond the 300kW (400hp) mark with a revised version of its familiar EA888 2.0 litre.

Jochen Martin Schmid, AMG Powertrain Development engineer, has boldly stated Mercedes will win this battle.

“We cannot, and will not, let them get ahead of us,” Schmid declared. “If that means the start of a new power war for four-cylinder cars, then it’s the start of a new power war for four-cylinder cars.”

Schmid gets specific, too, saying the 2.0 litre used in the A45 AMG has more development potential.

“Theirs is based on the EA888, right? That’s a pretty old engine now and ours is a completely new concept with room for development,” he said.

The cause of these power games can be traced back to Volkswagen’s recruitment of Friedrich Eichler, the man who oversaw the introduction of AMG’s first four-cylinder engine, used in the A45. With 265kW/450Nm it currently holds rank as the world’s most powerful production-based four-cylinder engine.

Despite Schmid’s dismissal of the EA888 engine, Dr Ulrich Hackenberg, Audi Chief Technical Officer, is showing faith in his product.

“For production, we have to change the cylinder-head, because in the EA888 it has the exhaust manifold in the cylinder-head now,” Hackenberg explained when talking about the 309kW/450Nm TT quattro sport concept. “With this engine and its output, it produces too much heat in the head to keep it like that, so we have to change it.

“But, apart from swapping in some stronger parts, it can still be made within our production system.”

The net result of all this is the fact it’s looking like the A45 AMG Black Series, or whatever Mercedes has up its sleeve, will have to push beyond 310kW (415hp) if it’s going to win this war.

You know, it’s not all that long ago we used to salivate over the 309kW/430Nm 4.2 litre V8 in the B7 RS4. And soon we’ll be having that sort of power in a Golf-sized hatch. Keep fighting Mercedes and Volkswagen, keep fighting!

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VIDEO: Golf R400 at Wörthersee

Volkswagen Golf R400

The very damn cool GTI Roadster wasn’t the only fancy pants Golf making waves at the Wörthersee show, the very damn cool Golf R400 was also trotted out by Volkswagen’s top brass. Here’s a couple of amateur videos bringing us a little bit closer the most awesomest Golf ever.

Nice detail on the exhaust tips, too.

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“More than 400 horsepower!”

Volkswagen Golf R400 Concept

The recently previewed Volkswagen Golf R400 has us excited. It may have you excited too. Well, get ready to put your super-dooper excitement pants on because Heinz-Jakob Neusser, Volkswagen’s R&D boss, has been recently quoted as saying the R400, “could make more than 400 horsepower.”

Say that again.


Adding some credibility to Neusser’s comment is the fact it was made Vienna engine symposium where car makers meet to talk engines and stuff. Also within earhshot of Neusser when he uttered those words, “more than 400 horsepower,” were his bosses Ferdinand Piech, Volkswagen’s really, really big boss aka chairman of the board, and the company’s CEO Martin Winterkorn.

Even if the R400 only becomes an R401 that’s still a crap load of power to stuff into a Golf VII chassis and deliver through a Haldex V all-wheel drive-DSG combo. Even if it’s a rubbish handler it’ll still be batshit fast and that alone should make it a class-leader in smile inducing grins.

See, we told you you’d need those super-dooper excitement pants.

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Sub-4 sec Golf R400 set to raise hot hatch bar

Volkswagen Golf R400 Concept

Every now and then a car maker just says, “F@#k it, you know what, let’s just do it!”

We saw that a few years ago when Renaultsport thought plastic windows in a Megane was a good idea. And again when Audi figured a stupidly overpriced limited edition A1 made perfect sense.

Now, thanks be to the hot hatch god, Volkswagen is going to turn this R400 concept into reality. First shown at the Auto China show in Beijing on the weekend the R400 has created something of a ripple since it was announced.

What is this R400 thingy then? It’s a 400PS (294kW) Golf R on steroids and VW reckons it can reach 100km/h in under four seconds (3.9 to be exact). We sort of knew it might be coming, thanks to earlier reports of a Golf R Evo. But now that it’s here in some sort of official capacity we’re a little bit excited, and we just can’t hide it!

The R400 gets its mojo from the familiar EA888 turbocharged 2.0 litre four-cylinder engine. In March, we saw Audi claim the wick could be turned up to 309kW/450Nm in the TT quattro sport concept.

To achieve that extra power and torque Volkswagen says:

The Golf R 400 features a newly developed turbocharger with a higher maximum charge pressure and reinforced crankcase. A water-cooled exhaust gas feed to the turbocharger integrated in the cylinder head helps to reduce full-load fuel consumption, while variable valve control with dual camshaft adjustment improves economy and performance.

Weighing in at 1420kg (the same as a standard Golf R), the R400, is fitted with a 6-speed DSG and features model specific bodywork. In addition to the obvious styling tweaks, there’s a 20mm increase in width, thanks to flared guards said to be inspired by the Mk2 Golf G60 Rallye.

Engine development has been overseen by Franz Eichler, the former AMG Exec poached by Volkswagen after he guided the 265kW A45 AMG; powered by what is currently the world’s most powerful 2.0 litre production engine.

We can’t get enough of the R400 and really hope the confirmation of production sign-off claimed by Car and Driver is 100% accurate.

There’s a couple of press releases from Volkswagen for you after the break. Start your drooling now!

Audi Volkswagen

Volkswagen to make 283kW Golf R Evo

Volkswagen Mk7 Golf R

Volkswagen’s assault on the upper end of the hot hatch segment has become clearer after word Wolfsburg is planning a more powerful and lighter Golf R model, expected to carry the model designation “Evo”.

The current EA888 2.0 litre engine will be developed and modified with a new cylinder head and induction system to produce at least 283kW. The Golf R Evo will be available exclusively with a 6-speed DSG transmission and Haldex all-wheel drive system. It has a target weight of sub-1400kg.

We can also expect Audi to jump on this bandwagon, too, in the guise of an S3 Plus model featuring the same drivetrain.

This news has emerged from several sources who were at the Detroit Auto Show and spoke to VW’s Franz Eichler, the man poached from Mercedes who oversaw development of the 265kW 2.0 litre four-pot found in the A45 AMG.

[Source: Autocar]

Audi Mercedes-Benz Volkswagen

Volkswagen to ignite hot hatch power war

Volkswagen Mk7 Golf R

Mercedes-Benz makes much of the fact its A45 AMG features the most powerful four-cylinder production engine in the world. But that’s all about to change with word Volkswagen is set to trump the output of the hand-built AMG motor.

The 2.0 litre turbo in the A45 AMG produces 265kW/450Nm and the lab coats from Wolfsburg reckon they can better that with their warmed over 2.0 litre four-pot aiming for a minimum of 283kW (380hp). Volkswagen R engineers also reckon they can push towards 500Nm of torque.

An unnamed VW source claims: “It’s going to be a very fast car. Because it will be able to use all of its torque in first gear, it’s going to get to 100km/h in the very low four-second bracket.”

The A45 AMG limits torque in the first three gears to help protect its dual-clutch transmission. The new Volkswagen engine, able to be fitted to any of the group’s MQB-based cars, will be mated to an all-wheel drive system and specially developed 6-speed DSG which can cope with the predicted torque in all gears.

The engine is “based on an old generation engine block, so it’s cheaper to make than the AMG motor, too, and a lot less complex,” the source added. “It will move the game on again.”

Sounds like fun and games, and that’s just around the Audi and Volkswagen boardrooms as the two stablemates fight over who gets first dibs. Audi thinks its new TT would be a good fit, while Volkswagen has its sights set on the new Scirocco featuring the engine, which should be developed and ready to rumble late next year.

A preview of the engine may come in a concept car later this year, at September’s Paris Motor Show perhaps.

Naturally, Mercedes won’t take any challenge to its power crown lying down, with speculation an A45 AMG Black Series could boast a mighty 300kW.

This is going to be fun!

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