Petrolicious admires the Lancia Stratos

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Lancia Stratos

If you love the Lancia Stratos—and let’s face it, who doesn’t—then we suggest you follow the source link below where you’ll be greeted by the first class images and words assembled by Petrolicious:

The Stratos’s details are no less interesting. In Stradale trim the car has virtually no chrome (just like the HF) yet it retains the functional hood louvers and can frequently be found sporting the hood and engine cover latches. The most interesting detail however, is the Bertone logo prominently displayed on the B-pillar. Framed by the two symmetrical cutlines jutting up towards it, it’s literally impossible to miss. I have always loved how Italian car companies tend to recognize the carrozzerias responsible for clothing their mechanicals with a fender badge or something similar, but to be featured so prominently is unusual and is fitting for such an impressive design.

[Source: Petrolicious]