Lamborghini earns the wrath of Harris

Lamborghini Aventador

First it was Ferrari, now it is Lamborghini who has ruffled the feathers of Chris Harris. In the first post-announcement edition of his weekly column over at Jalopnik he has taken aim at Lambo—in particular the Aventador—fired and made sure he’s got the attention he needs to grab eyeballs:

Lamborghini has lost the plot. It has become the purveyor of jewelry. Its cars exist to be seen and heard; not driven. Style has superseded substance. Their natural habitat has now been reduced to revving when stationary on the King’s Road in London—not Imola or the Futa pass or Valentino Balbone scorching the back- pistas of Modena, but with some mindless billionaire’s offspring pushing the right pedal to get himself seen on some equally mindless YouTube channel. Never has a car brand skulked so far from the origins that defined its past greatness. Typing that makes me so sad.

And that’s only a small portion of Harris’ rant!

We all have brands to manage and, if we’re to believe Harris, his brand as a fiercely independent and respected motoring hack is at its zenith; Lamborghini’s reputation on the other hand is at its nadir.

[Source: Jalopnik]