McLaren-Honda era restarts today

2015 Honda F1 engine

The first tangible steps in the new McLaren-Honda era will take place later today when the team completes a filming day at Silverstone. Confirmed via twitter McLaren will run an MP4-29H1x1 alongside two classic McLaren-Honda F1 cars.

Under Formula 1 regulations the team can run up to 100km as part of its filming days. McLaren is yet to announce its driver pairing for next year and neither Jenson Button nor Kevin Magnussen will be at the wheel. Today’s driving duties will be carried out by Oliver Turvey and Stoffel Vandoorn.

Silverstone’s grand prix circuit is 5.9klm long so McLaren will only get around 16 laps to play with. No doubt there’ll be plenty of pretty pictures and glowing words to follow, which we will share with if we can.