Porsche finally makes a proper 911

Porsche Cayman GT4 prototype

The Porsche 911 is a great car. A 911 GT3 sits pretty close to the top of our we just won lotto list. But let’s face it, it’s only due to the sheer bloody mindedness and excellence of Porsche’s engineers that a car with its engine over its arse is any good.

In some respects the Cayman is inherently a better car than a 911. The mid-engined layout of the Cayman provides a pure driving experience. The handling is predictable and neutral. And a flat six engine right behind your ears is plain awesome.

Of course, a Cayman is not actually better than a 911. For marketing a number of reasons Porsche can’t let that happen.

But that could be about to change. The car above is the Cayman GT4 and it’s going to be a rip snorter. It will head the Cayman model range and will bring the Cayman closer to the 911 than it’s ever been before.

As well as the more obvious changes to the bodywork, including a more aggressive front splitter and bigger side air intakes, the GT4 will boast more power, less weight and even more finely tuned suspension.

Cast your bets as to the type of engine the GT4 will have—a normally aspirated flat six with 3.4–3.8 litre capacity or maybe even a brand new turbocharged four cylinder unit—just pencil in around 300kW (400hp).

You know you want it!

[Source: Carscoops | Thanks to Tiaan for the tip]

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GT4 production will only begin after the GT3 production ends, so there is no competition between the two. With the RS now moving further up the food chain (more expensive than the Turbo), the GT4 will be allowed to fill the gap left by the GT3. Here’s hoping.

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