Put up your hand if you’d like a Cayman GT4 RS

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Porsche Cayman GT4

If you don’t love the Cayman GT4 you bloody well should. And if you love the Cayman GT4 then you sure as hell will get hot under the collar at talk of a GT4 RS model.

“This is just the beginning of the era,” Andreas Preuninger, Godfather of the Porsche GT program told Evo. “I would be interested in doing a Cayman GT4 RS version, but at the moment we didn’t even talk about such a thing. If the customers call for something like this we could think about it.

“We underestimated the success of the Cayman GT4, which shows that we were right with the concept. In England, within three days two years of cars were sold. It happened in Sweden, it happened in Germany…everywhere.”

Well, Andreas, who wouldn’t want a Cayman GT4 RS … make it happen brother!

[Source: Evo | Thanks to Tim for the tip]