MINI is going to make a MINI again!

MINI Superleggera Vision

Good news, MINI is going to make a new model that isn’t an overbloated triumph of marketing over engineering.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the MINI brand, but in recent times BMW has found new ways to extract blood from its stone. But now, now, MINI is going to turn the Superleggera Vision into a production model and that really is good news.

Indeed, MINI itself has recognised it has pushed the friendship with consumers too far and out goes the still dumb enough to be cool Paceman and the poor selling Coupé and Roadster.

The new Superleggera will be based on conventional MINI architecture and will draw from its standard inventory of drivetrains. However, we’re assured the production model will maintain the cool factor and character of the show car you see above.

We like this news and the only drawback is having to wait until 2018 for the expected market launch.

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4 replies on “MINI is going to make a MINI again!”

Except it won’t be a supraleggra, it will be some full fat english/BMW rubbish half caste to be snapped up by borguoise weedy bearded real estate agents still wearing their school shoes and living the high life in a 2bed flat with wetland views. (Quack)

I’d rather have a 4C (obviously) anybody done a comparo ?

I am looking forward to this. I hope they make this with a simple roof like a MX5 or an old school tent roof ala Boxster Spyder.

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