Would you buy a BMW M3 Touring?

BMW M3 Touring rendering by Theophilus Chin

Following word from Bad Frank van Meel that there will be no M3 Touring under a BMW M GmbH he leads, here’s a look at what we’re missing out on.

Thanks to master rendering guy Theophilus Chin we can see how seriously awesome an M3 Touring could be. Fast, practical, and über cool.

Bad Frank says there would be no demand for such a car. Bad Frank doesn’t know what day it is!

You would buy an M3 estate if you could, right? You would, wouldn’t you?!

[Source: Theophilus Chin]

BMW M3 Touring rendering by Theophilus Chin

5 replies on “Would you buy a BMW M3 Touring?”

Frank is out of touch. BMW enthusiasts would dig this.
I would buy one tomorrow…..if I had the coin. Love the M3 and a Touring version would be love at first sight.
Is it just a case that its too hard to work out what to call it??
Frank to board…. ” Vee cannot call it ze M3 Touring zis iz for the sedan only version. Zee cannot call it M4 Estate as zis iz for Coupe only…….and Damn it, sorry Stefan Quandt vee cannot have it zis we have zee M5 and zee M2 is reserved, so ve cannot make it. ” Its that simple says Frank!

Looks just like the proposed Giulia QV Sportwagon… 🙂
(yes, yes)

Who ever he is he’s mad. Even I would consider a touring from BMW, nearly bought a blue 335d(?) when living in the UK

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