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“The Mustang is a happy car”

Chris Harris drives the Ford Mustang GT

When Chris Harris posts up a new video a lot of eyeballs will watch it. This is mostly because he’s very good at what he does. First and foremost he knows what he’s doing behind a steering wheel. He keeps the hoons happy with a bit of sideways action. He keeps the tech guys happy with great details.

With that said and despite Harris’ best efforts the Mustang holds no appeal to me at all. In this clip Chris spends a lot of time criticising aspects of the car and then loves it. I kind of understand what he means when he says, “the Mustang is a happy car”. And I also get that a car can be greater than the sum of its parts.

But I just can’t help thinking the best a Mustang could hope to be is a quick and sordid affair. For me, it could never be a long term relationship.

So, yeah, Chris Harris has a lot of influence in the car land. He even got me to watch 10 minutes of Mustang GT. Unless I’m watching Bullitt by chance, that’ll do me for another few years.

One reply on ““The Mustang is a happy car””

The only impediments to buying the Mustang, in my mind, would be build quality and the rev head image.

The average public (non motor enthusiast) would not even recognize a AMG, M, RS, F, R, ST badge car. As soon as they see a Mustang they would think “rat bag hoon”.

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