Just in case the F12 wasn’t already special enough

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Ferrari F12berlinetta

The Ferrari F12 berlinetta is a beautiful thing. It’s stupidly fast, it drives like a dream and it’s stunning to look at. Thankfully, Ferrari reckons they can make it even better.

First, Ferrari plans to strip a massive 200kg from the F12 and then give it an extra 30bhp. That would give the mighty V12 a peak power output of 760bhp (566kW). The net result will be the F12 Speciale.

It’s expected the model will only be limited by the number of people willing and able to buy one. A launch date could be as soon as the Geneva Motor Show next March.

A heavily revised aero package may restrict the Speciale’s top speed compared with the berlinetta, but the Speciale will get there quicker.

Could this be the last normally aspirated Ferrari V12 ever made? Regardless this is going to be a very special car indeed. Start buying those lotto tickets people!

[Source: Autocar]