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Episode 11 of Project Binky

Episode 11 of Project Binky

Nik and Richard send us into the Christmas break with the eleventh instalment of their epic Project Binky crusade. This time we see the lads working on the steering geometry and transmission setup. As ever it’s an episode filled with pitfalls and problem solving leading to complicated and clever engineering solutions.

As for AUSmotive, well it’s no shock to anyone here that things have slowed down a little. This is partly a result of my new job, which has had more of an impact on my available time and motivation than I thought. That said, after eight years of having a pretty serious and often time consuming crack at this gig for basically no monetary gain perhaps a change in perspective hasn’t been a bad thing for your resident editor.

For now, the site will still plug along. Let’s just hope we’re not going two months between posts. Yikes!

If nothing else, thank you to Bad Obsession Motorsport and Project Binky for relighting the AUSmotive candle.

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Fella, your efforts are roundly appreciated everywhere and have been sorely missed. If I ever get the chance to buy you a pint (say, filthys I its still there), I will.

Don’t forget you rock, and curly red headed goddesses are for all (one each, no sharing, for an orderly queue to the left)

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