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Geneva 2012: Infiniti Emerg-E

Phwoar, that’s pretty sexy, don’t you think. It’s the Inifiniti Emerg-E concept and it’s been made to help put the fancy-Nissan product on the map as it extends into new markets. Well, a 300kW sports car with seductive flowing lines and a 0-60mph time of 4.0 seconds is a pretty good place to start. True, […]

Mark Webber previews 2011 British Grand Prix

In the above video Mark Webber talks about his return to Silverstone for this weekend’s British Grand Prix. All while he is taking passengers out for hot laps around the Rockingham circuit. Last year Webber bagged the win at Silverstone in what is considered Red Bull Racing’s home GP. He’ll have his work cut out […]

This is what the Infiniti-branded RB7s will look like

Following last week’s announcement that Red Bull Racing has signed a two-year sponsorship deal with Infiniti here are the officially retouched images showing how the new branding will be applied to the RB7. We’ll get a proper gander at the new look Red Bulls during the test session currently underway at Barcelona, which was introduced […]

Red Bull Racing confirms Infiniti deal

Red Bull Racing has today confirmed a two-year sponsorship deal with Infiniti. However, it won’t quite be implemented as first reported yesterday. That is, it is a pure sponsorship and technical agreement deal only, the RB7 will still use Renault branded engines and feature Renault branding on the car as well. So, as well as […]

To Infiniti and be conned

News is breaking that Red Bull Racing has just signed off on a sponsorship deal with Infiniti that will effectively give the team free engines. Aside from a few stickers on the car, and a £7 million cheque (the same as the annual budget cap for engines), everything else will stay the same. That is, […]