BMW 3 Series GT – Australian pricing & specs

F34 BMW 3 Series GT

The local launch of the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo is drawing closer, and if you’re keen on this car the official word is you’ll have to wait until 1 September. But we think you’ll be able to find these cars in dealerships around the country before then.

Australian pricing for the F34 GT was first announced back in June and there’s been no changes since then. To quickly recap there will be three models offered to begin with: 320i GT ($69,500), 320d GT ($71,800) and 328i GT ($76,500). Like the regular 3 Series range, all GT models can be optioned with Modern, Luxury or Sport lines.

While the architecture from F30 saloon is the basis for the GT, it rides on a wheelbase that has been extended by 110mm in a body that is 200mm longer overall. Throw in an extra 81mm in height and you end up with the most spacious 3 Series variant you can get your hands on.

Full details from BMW Australia can be found below, including a 15 page specifications document available for download.


BMW 3 Series GT – Australian pricing announced

BMW 3 Series GT

BMW Australia has announced pricing for the 3 Series GT. It’s still a while away from finding its way into local showrooms, but the biggest 3 Series money can buy will kick off proceedings with three engine options:

  • BMW 320i Gran Turismo – $69,500
  • BMW 320d Gran Turismo – $71,800
  • BMW 328i Gran Turismo – $76,500

(Manufacturer’s list pricing)