BMW 3 Series GT – Australian pricing announced

BMW 3 Series GT

BMW Australia has announced pricing for the 3 Series GT. It’s still a while away from finding its way into local showrooms, but the biggest 3 Series money can buy will kick off proceedings with three engine options:

  • BMW 320i Gran Turismo – $69,500
  • BMW 320d Gran Turismo – $71,800
  • BMW 328i Gran Turismo – $76,500

(Manufacturer’s list pricing)


Audi SQ5 TDI – Australian pricing & specs

Audi SQ5 TDI

The world’s fastest diesel-powered SUV, that’s what Audi Australia is calling the new SQ5. And with a list price of $89,400 it won’t even break the bank. Relatively speaking, that is.

So let’s look at the performance of this SQ5, then. It’s powered by a 3.0 litre V6 biturbo, coupled to an 8-speed tiptronic gearbox and quattro all-wheel drive system. Peak power is 230kW and is achieved at 3900–4500rpm. Being a diesel torque is king, you’ve got 650Nm to play with in the SQ5 from 1450–2800rpm.

The 100km/h dash can be done in 5.1 seconds, which, these days, is not really that impressive for an SUV with “world’s fastest diesel” in front of its name. In the real world, it is fast enough, of course. So too is the electronically limited 250km/h top speed.

At 1995kg the SQ5 isn’t going to be the nimblest mode of transport in the village, but we expect, up to a point, it will be a very capable device, sure to meet the demands of the vast majority of it owners.

Audi Australia has ensured the SQ5 hits the market with a pretty good level of goodies included in the standard asking price. To start with the go-fast SUV sits 30mm lower than its lesser Q5 stablemates and rides on standard 20″ alloys. Satellite navigation, fully electric front seats, rear reversing camera, tyre pressure monitor and a model-specific flat bottom steering wheel are standard fare. Although, you are expected to pay an extra $1050 if you want an alarm on your flash new SUV.

Naturally, there is a raft of options which Audi would dearly love you to tick. So much so the first 60 SQ5s to land in the country have been loaded with goodies and called the Launch Edition. Don’t get carried away thinking this is a freebie, though, you’ll need to cough up an extra $14,720—bringing your new SQ5 comfortably into the six-figure price bracket.

Extras packed into the Launch Edition—available in Glacier White, Ice Silver Metallic, Monsoon Grey and Panther Black—include 21″ alloys, Bang & Olufsen stereo with digital radio, front and rear heated seats, dynamic steering, adaptive headlights, high beam assist, carbon atlas inlays and that alarm system, plus more.

We reckon SQ5 looks pretty good too, as the photos waiting for you after the break show. There’s more detail from Audi Australia as well.


2013 Audi RS4 Avant – Australian pricing & specs

2013 Audi RS4 Avant

A couple of weeks back Audi Australia launched the B8 RS4 Avant to the local market. It’s priced from $149,400 and for that you get a lovely sounding 4.2 litre V8 pumping out 331kW/430Nm.

If you floor your right foot the 7-speed S tronic and quattro all-wheel drive system will get you to 100km/h in 4.7 seconds. Which, incredibly, is hot hatch territory these days. Fuel consumption is rated at 10.7l/100km; good but not spectacular.

We can’t help but wonder if the previous-generation B7 RS4 was the high point for this model. Although, if anyone wants to give us one of these new RS4s we’ll take the keys without any protest.

There’s some very nice photos taken by Easton Chang after the break along with Audi Australia’s full complement of press material.


Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4: Australian pricing

Lamborghini Aventador

We received a nice tip off yesterday, and we want to share it with you, but just make sure you are prepared. So, are you sitting down?


That’s a very big number. Thankfully, the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 is a very big car; in all senses of the word. In size, in power, in performance and, of course, in stature. There’s no denying the big Lambo has presence.

Mind, that big number is only the bare bones manufacturer’s list price. If you want metallic paint you’ll need an extra $4300; make it another $8000 if you want to pick a colour from the “special” range, like the Arancio Atlas pictured above. Of course, no self-respecting Aventador buyer would sign on the dotted line before having a long hard think about choosing a matt paint scheme, before deciding that $27,000 is probably just a bit too excessive, even for a Lambo.


Volkswagen Passat – Australian pricing & specs

Volkswagen Passat

The new Volkswagen Passat has just been released in Australia. There’s three models on offer, all available in sedan and wagon configuration. Pre on-road pricing for the sedan models start at $38,990 for the 118TSI, $43,990 for the 125TDI and $57,990 for the V6 FSI featuring 4motion. Add an extra $2000 if you want the added cargo space offered in the wagon.

There’s some impressive technology featured with the new Passat. It’s all stuff we’ve seen before in more expensive marques, but seeing such things as Fatigue Detection, Lane Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control and City Emergency Braking filter down to more affordable models is welcomed.

Full details from Volkswagen Australia can be read after the break.


BMW 5 Series Touring – Australian pricing & specs

BMW 5 Series Touring

BMW Australia recently launched its new F10 5 Series Touring down under, albeit a little later than first expected. There’s two models to start the range, both with turbo charged engines, the 520d and the 535i.

The 2.0 diesel four cylinder in the 520d produces 135kW/380Nm and has a manufacturer’s list price of $92,800. While the petrol powered 3.0 litre straight six in the 535i has peak numbers of 225kW/400Nm and pricing starts from $138,900.

Euro Estate driving doesn’t get much better than a BMW wagon, but as you can see, you have to pay to play. You can access full Australian specs from this 4.2mb PDF. After the break you will find more pics and BMW Australia’s official press release.

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Giulietta launched in Australia

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Alfa Romeo’s spunky little Giulietta has just arrived down under. There’s currently two models on offer, the entry level Giulietta, priced from $36,990 (not including delivery or statutory fees), while the powerful “Cloverleaf” QV model starts at $41,990. Both models can also be optioned with metallic paint ($995) and a full leather/sunroof package ($4000).

In the base spec you get a 125kW 1.4 litre MultiAir engine capable of reaching 100km/h in 7.8 seconds. A lighter foot will reward you with a combined fuel consumption figure of 5.8l/100km. That’s quite reasonable performance, really.

If that’s not enough, though, the 173kW 1750TBi unit is the one for you. As the name suggests, it’s a 1.75 litre four-pot turbo, and can propel you to the speed limit in 6.8 seconds. With a healthy 340Nm of torque on tap from 1900rpm you can access that power at virtually any time, as well. When you’re not in a mad rush you can expect to sip fuel at the rate of around 7.6l/100km.

Actually, the QV looks the value proposition here. For an extra five grand you get the go faster engine along with sports suspension (10mm lower), fancy seats with red stitching and microfibre trim, a Bose stereo and 18″ alloys to go over your flash red brake calipers.

It’s a pretty car, the Giulietta, but for similar pricing, does it make more sense than a comparable Volkswagen Golf, for example? Your heart might well say yes, but we’d love to hear if you’d actually go through with the deal.

More pics and detail from Alfa Romeo after the break. Alfa’s latest price list is also available.


2011 MINI Countryman – Australian pricing

MINI Countryman

The love it or hate it MINI Countryman will be in showrooms around Australia before the end of next month. So, how much will this left of centre MINI hurt the hip pocket? It’s probably no surprise to learn the Countryman won’t be cheap, and pre-driveaway pricing starts at $37,700 for the entry-level Cooper model.

The price to play at the other end of the scale is $56,050 for a Cooper S All4, including Chilli pack. Without the extra goodies you’re looking at $50,400. In the middle sits the front-wheel drive only Cooper S version, which starts at $47,500 (add $5650 for Chilli pack).

Also arriving, a month or so later, are two diesel powered Countryman models. The Cooper version starts at $40,950 or you can opt for the all-wheel drive model priced from $43,850.

It’s interesting to note MINI is preparing quite a list of model variants; there’s 10 in all if you count the Chilli option as a separate model. It will be more interesting to see how well this car sells in Australia. Overseas markets have proved quite fruitful for MINI.

Until we see the Countryman for ourselves we’re unsure if we are in the love it or hate it camp. From what we’ve seen so far, though, we’re leaning towards love it.

Full pricing details after the break. MINI is holding back tech specs and other local market detail until the launch, we’ll bring them to you as soon as we can.


Audi A1 – Australian pricing & specs

Audi A1

Audi Australia previewed the A1 at the Australian International Motor Show in October. Now, they have released full details on the local specification. Dealers around the country have been receiving stock over the last couple of weeks, as well.

To refresh, Audi will be kicking off the A1 with two offerings, both fitted with a fuel efficient 90kW/200Nm 1.4 TFSI. The entry level Attraction, with 6-speed manual, starts at $29,900 and the Ambition model is priced from $32,650. Buyers wanting the 7-speed S tronic dual clutch transmission will need to cough up an extra $2350. A 66kW 1.6 litre TDI will be joining the range in the middle of 2011.

Audi Australia has been a bit light on with images of its next big thing, so you’ll have to make to do with AUSmotive’s images from AIMS to start with. Following the Audi Australia press release is a gallery of images sourced from Audi UK. Keep in mind some of the details and specs in these cars may not translate directly to our market, but they do give a good feel for the A1 in right-hand drive.

A closer look at specifications and options pricing for the Australian market is available via two PDFs, which can be found following the presser.


Volkswagen Polo GTI – Australian pricing & specs

Volkswagen Polo GTI

Volkswagen Australia has just released pricing and specifications for its newest hot hatch, the Polo GTI. There’s good news, too, as the pre-delivery list pricing comes in under $30K and both 3-door ($27,790) and 5-door ($28,990) versions are available.

Standard equipment includes a 132kW twincharged 1.4 litre engine, a 7-speed DSG transmission, an XDL electronic diff, ESP with Hill Start Assist, six airbags and 17″ alloys. For the first time on a Polo model xenon headlights with LED daytime running light can be added as an option ($1600). Unfortunately, there is no option for a manual transmission at this stage.

The usual GTI colour palette is offered with two flat colours Candy White and Flash Red (pictured). While an extra $500 will get you pretty sparkles in your Shadow Blue, Reflex Silver or Deep Black Pearl Effect colour options.

Performance is both brisk and efficient, with the baby GTI matching its larger Golf GTI cousin by reaching 100km/h in 6.9 seconds. While the 6.1l/100km fuel economy rating is first class for a car in this segment.

Press statements from Volkswagen Australia are available after the break, including a gallery of 24 local images.

UPDATE: Thanks to Corey_R who has left a note in the comments section that all Polo models in Australia can be ordered with a Panoramic Glass Sunroof. This will be a $1700 option and will be available from January 2011 build. There is nothing official from VW Aus just yet, but the information comes from a credible source.


McLaren announces UK and Euro pricing for MP4-12C

2011 McLaren MP4-12C

McLaren Automotive has set the price for its upcoming MP4-12C supercar. Pricing starts at £168,500 for UK buyers, while European customers will be coughing up €200,000 plus. Those of us in other markets will have pricing confirmed at a later date.

For comparison, an Aston Martin DBS will cost you £170,500, a Porsche 911 GT2 RS is £167,915, while a Ferrari 458 Italia will set you back £169,545. Importantly, the Perodua Myvi 5dr pricing begins at £7,799, so you could by 21 of those if the 12C doesn’t float your boat.

Full detail available after the break.


Audi RS5: Australian pricing & specs

Audi RS5

Audi Australia has launched the RS5 with a manufacturer’s list price of $175,300. You’ll still need to pay a few statutory charges, but that’s about $4600 less than the AUSmotive prediction. A small saving, however, you still sense that price point is going to ensure Audi has to fight hard for every sale. Okay, it’s probably a bit tired to continually make this comparison, but you can bet the words BMW M3 will cross the lips of most RS5 buyers at some stage.

The RS5 has received extensive coverage on AUSmotive, so there’s no great need to go over the details again. The basics remain, that is the RS5 is powered by a 331kW 4.2 litre V8 driven by a quattro system featuring trick terms like torque vectoring and crown-gear centre differential. You can find out more on that technology here: quattro 101.

After the break you can read Audi’s press release and check out their latest gallery of images. It’s a great looking car, that’s for sure. Also included for download are the following items, all correct at time of publication: