Volkswagen Jetta four-door sedan rendering

Volkswagen Jetta VI sedan rendering

US based site VWvortex brings us some great coverage of the New Compact Coupe, including this rendering of how they expect the next Jetta sedan will look. In fact, the report says the profile of the show car is pretty much exactly the same as the final shape for the production version of the four-door Jetta sedan, which is expected to go on sale in the US before October.

This is clearly Volkswagen’s best effort in recent years at making the Jetta a proper stand alone model, rather than simply “a Golf with a boot”. Moving away from platform sharing, to a degree, VW will rather employ component sharing across its model range. This Jetta, for example, has a wheelbase around 75mm longer than the Golf VI, but it will share components from the Polo, Passat and everything in between.

As you can see from the images of the New Compact Coupe, interior styling has also been given a hand to establish an identity of its own. Sure, it’s all Volkswagen design language, as you would expect. Now, though, the Golf and Jetta will appear as siblings, rather than identical twins in different outfits.

More on the New Compact Coupe from the Detroit show can be seen at the VWvortex gallery.

UPDATE 13 January: For more Jetta speculation head on over to The Motor Report.

[Source: VWvortex]


An inside look at the Porsche Panamera

Porsche Panamera interior

Some images have recently popped up on the Teamspeed forums which are claimed to be from the upcoming Porsche Panamera. From what we’ve seen of the Panamera so far, the four door Porsche is polarising fans just as quickly as the Cayenne did when it was released. From the image above you can see the Panamera is looking to have all bases covered when it comes to interior gadgets, with no shortage of buttons to play with, including a panel on the roof. If these pics are correct, then the key for the Panamera is a bit… well, you judge for yourself, check out the Teamspeed link below.

Source: Teamspeed via Jalopnik (earlier spy shots from Jalopnik)


Porsche Panamera makes Korea move

An undisguised Porsche Panamera has been spotted in Seoul, South Korea. With nothing official released from Porsche showing the car in its entirety this video footage is one of the best examples yet of the four door Panamera. Due for production in 2009 its front engine layout has generated speculation that the Panamera may also spawn a new 928 coupé model.

For now, enjoy this clip and hopefully some readers out there can aid with translating some of the included text.

Source: autoblog


Will the 4 door Porsche Panamera be “too good”?

Porsche Panamer

According to a article the answer is yes! Porsche Cars Australia spokesman Paul Ellis was quoted as saying, “My understanding is that the car, from a performance point of view, has an issue in that it is almost too good … it has exceeded the benchmarks.” The iconic 911 must remain as the Porsche hero car, so will the first Porsche four door saloon have to be brought back a peg or two?

The Panamera is due for release at next year’s Geneva Motor Show and has been scheduled for Australian delivery in the latter half of 2009. Read the drive article in full by clicking HERE.