New 991 Porsche 911 spy shots

Porsche 991 911 spy shot

Autoblog brings us a great gallery of images of the 991 Porsche 911 coupé and convertible. Based on these pics, which show development cars mostly free of camouflage, the next-generation 911 is going to be a very nice looking car. A better looking 997, really. Which is just what we have come to expect from Porsche.

With any luck we’ll see the 991 revealed at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show (3–13 March).

[Source: Autoblog | Pic: KGP Photography]


Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster spied

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster

A couple of pics of a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster prototype have been doing the rounds today. Of course, the Roadster will lose the gullwing-style doors of the tin top, but it will feature the same stonking 6.3 litre V8 engine. Using a weight and space saving fabric roof the SLS AMG Roadster is expected to debut around the middle of next year.

[Source: Autocar]


BMW ‘M1’ spotted during Nürburgring testing

BMW 'M1' spy shot

Another possible ‘M1’ prototype has been spotted in testing, this time at the Nürburgring. Devlopment of the widebody 1 Series seems well underway and this sighting follows last week’s ‘M1’ appearance.

The prototype captured in the images here were taken during an industry testing session at the Ring, so we can be fairly certain this is a BMW test mule, and not some crazy guy who has stuck a few bits of plastic on his car to be cool.

The fact the widebody kit only appears on the rear of the car tends to indicate BMW’s M engineers are developing the rear axle components, which are expected to be sourced from the current M3.

Apparently the test driver was pushing pretty hard and with thanks to Bridge to Gantry you can see another pic and brief video after the break.

[Source: Bridge to Gantry]


BMW prototype Z2 spied in California

BMW Z2 spied

Around this time last year rumours were growing of a BMW Z2 based on the next generation 1 Series. This spy shot, captured in Laguna Beach, California, appears to confirm those rumours were on the money.

Note the soft top roof, which would be used, partly, to keep weight down. Surprisingly, in this day and age of electronic gadgets, there’s a chance the roof could be manually operated, too. Reports of the Z2 weighing in under 1000kg are about, and that would be a major feat if BMW could pull it off.

Speculation remains uncertain about the timing for production. Earlier reports have suggested the Z2 could be ready to roll as soon as next year, but the latest word indicates we might be waiting until 2013 before a Z2 rolls off a production line. Although, World Car Fans reckon we could see a concept car at the Paris Motor Show in October this year.

Expect the latest range of BMW four cylinder engines to find their way into most Z2s. It’s likely the range will include electric, hybrid and diesel versions, as well. The powerplant from 150kW MINI E could make a nice fit, for example.

There’s been a few renderings and illustrations around for a while now, but the example shown below is one of the more attractive to surface. Let’s hope we don’t have too long to wait for some official word out of Munich.

[Source: World Car Fans | Spy pic: | Rendering: World Car Fans]


BMW ‘M1’ spy shots

BMW 'M1' spy shot

The thought of an ‘M’ badged 1 Series is one that will make most enthusiasts go weak at the knees. Talk of a baby ‘M1’ has been around for a while, but speculation has generally been a bit wishy-washy in terms of will they, or won’t they make it. BMW specialist website BimmerFile have been quite firmly placed in the yes they will build it camp and these spy shots justify their position.

So what are we seeing here? Try as it might the BMW trademark swirl disguise cannot hide the car’s flared guards (see second pic after the jump). Those guards are probably hiding some very tasty hardware, too. Namely drivetrain components from the M3, such as an adapted rear axle, including mechanical rear diff.

Wider bodywork would also allow for an increased track. Couple that with the 18″ wheels from the new M3 Competition Package and cornering stability should be improved.

Also note that the rear exhaust is dual-tipped on the left side only. No quad-tipped exhaust as on the M3. Sure, this may be part of the development process, but a single exit exhaust would allow for a less complex arrangement for a 1 Series that is already tightly packed at the rear. It’s also a bit old skool, too, which is nice.

Will this car be badged as the ‘M1’? That is not yet certain, perhaps BMW will extend its nomenclature from the X5 M and call this car the 1 M. If you’re dead against the ‘M1’ nameplate being revived, then click here to re-live the grand old days.

There’s more info, speculation and inside word on the ‘M1’ across at BimmerFile, so make sure you follow the link below to be kept up to date.

[Source: BimmerFile, via 1addicts]


MINI Crossover spied

MINI Crossover spy shots

NextAutos has some very good spy shots of the MINI Crossover (R60 model code). The latest MINI variant, due for release in 2010, will have a traditional four door and hatch layout. The Crossover concept made its public debut at the Paris Motor Show earlier in the month. The final name for the MINI SUV is yet to be revealed, but we do know it won’t be called the Crossman as earlier speculation suggested.

For more speculation and detail on the R60 Crossover make sure you check out MotoringFile.

Source: NextAutos


Porsche Panamera makes Korea move

An undisguised Porsche Panamera has been spotted in Seoul, South Korea. With nothing official released from Porsche showing the car in its entirety this video footage is one of the best examples yet of the four door Panamera. Due for production in 2009 its front engine layout has generated speculation that the Panamera may also spawn a new 928 coupé model.

For now, enjoy this clip and hopefully some readers out there can aid with translating some of the included text.

Source: autoblog