BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé revealed

BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe

BMW has followed the launch of the 4 Series Coupé with this new Gran Coupé model, which will be on show in Geneva next month.

The F36 Gran Coupé is essentially the same as its genuine coupé donor model, but now with four doors and a big arse. Although, it is quite a nice arse, we do admit. Yes, we like this Gran Coupé.

We have no idea if there’s a market for a premium mid-side four-door coupé, but since when has anything like a lack of demand stopped BMW from making yet another niche vehicle? Build it and they will buy, seems to be the mantra.

Indeed, BMW should be encouraged to keep making these weird and wonderful variations of the same car. If nothing else it adds some interest and shows they’ve got the guts to have a go. We like that.

So, back to this 4 Series Gran Coupé for a minute. The front-end is a straight copy of the coupé and the wheelbase and overall width is same, as well. The Gran Coupé is 12mm taller and 112mm longer. Surprisingly the big arse only accounts for an increase in luggage capacity of 35 litres over the two-door.

You can see and read more about the 4 Series Gran Coupé after the break.


BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe spied

BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe prototype

Now that we have the new 4 Series Coupe, with the convertible version to follow in Frankfurt next week, BMW can focus on extending the range further with the four-door Gran Coupe.

As you can see from this recent spy shot, the look is very much in line with the regular coupe version and so long as rear seat headroom isn’t completely pointless the Gran Coupe could end up being a fine option for those wanting to stand out from the 3 Series saloon crowd.

It’s expected the 4 Series Gran Coupe will debut later this year, possibly at the LA Auto Show in November.

[Source: World Car Fans | Pic: Automedia]