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Hot hatch heaven

Mk1 Volkswagen Golf GTI

This video showcasing eight seven of the best hot hatches money can buy is not perfect, but it is pretty cool. The clip was published by the Goodwood Road & Racing YouTube channel and features French racer Nic Minassian behind the wheel of four old and four new hot hatches, listed below:

  • Honda: EP3 Civic Type R v FN2 Civic Type R
  • Peugeot: 205 GTi v 208 GTi
  • Renault: Clio Williams v Megane RS 265
  • Volkswagen: Mk1 Golf GTI v Mk7 Golf GTD

Save for the GTD that makes for a very impressive line up of cars, all of which we would love to drive. And driving them all on the same day, on the same road, well, that would be a great day out.

Just don’t expect this clip to wow you with performance stats or hard data.

Audi Renault Video

Audi R8 V10 plus v Renault Clio Cup racecar

Audi R8 V10 plus v Renault Clio Cup racecar

The latest track battle from Evo is totally pointless, but that’s precisely what makes it compulsory viewing! Dicke Meaden, no stranger to a racetrack, pairs up the awesome Audi R8 V10 plus with the fesity little Renault Clio Cup racecar.

Taking a quick view at the basic specs of each the ingredients of the script are pretty self-explanatory. We’ve got a 540hp+ mid-engined supercar weighing in at around 1500kg, plus driver, against a 220hp race-prepped hot hatch tipping the scales at 1200kg, including driver, with the added benefit of competition-spec slick tyres.

Whatever happens, even if it goes to the script you’ve formulated already, this is just a cool video. What a great day at work it would have been for Meaden. Jealous much!


VIDEO: New Renault Clio explained

Renault Clio IV

Laurens van den Acker, Senior Vice-President, Renault Corporate Design used the following words to describe the fourth-generation Clio: “New Renault Clio was conceived as a piece of sensuous sculpture which stimulates desire. Like muscles, its curves express the dynamism radiated by the DeZir concept car. No acute or aggressive angles, just voluptuous curves that make you want to go up to it and caress it.”

In the video below you can hear Laurens and his mates, Antony Villain and Yann Jarsalle, explain in further detail the passion and emotion behind the Clio IV.


Better late than never

Clio Renault Sport F1 Team R27

The Clio Renault Sport F1 Team R27 was first revealed over two years ago in January 2007. Now, finally, we will see this car in Australia at next week’s Melbourne International Motor Show, with sales beginning in April. Although, you may need to get in quick, as only 40 R27s are being imported.

Renault are asking a smidgen under $40K for their hottest of hot hatches, a $3500 premium over the regular Clio 197. If that tickles your fancy, you’ll be able to choose from a palette of three colours; Toro Red, Glacier White and, for an extra $1000, Victory Yellow.

Australia’s newest Clio is powered by the same 2.0 litre engine from the 197 model. So, you get a six-speed manual gearbox, 145kW at 7250rpm, with 215Nm of torque at 5550rpm.

The Clio R27 has the Cup chassis enhancements, which means with stiffer suspension and other tweaks, the more you throw at this little dynamo the more you will receive.

Brembo calipers (312mm front/300mm rear) are wrapped inside some curiously named BeBop anthracite rims. Making sure you can’t forget Renault’s F1 Constructor’s titles from 2005 and 2006 are a series of decals placed over the car, which complete the look.

Inside you get some tasty Recaro seats, saving six kilos over the regular seats. There is also climate control air conditioning and cruise control fitted. Renault’s ESP system helps keep you in check and a plaque individually numbering the car reminds you how special you are.

It’s great that the feisty little bugger is coming down under, but a shame that the feistiest of all Renaults, the Mégane R26.R, won’t be coming to Australia.

Full presser after the jump, plus more pics, including some cool cutaways proving, beyond doubt (haha), the car’s F1 links!

Motorsports News Renault

Track day report – Spa Francorchamps

RSR Nurburg Clio tackles Eau RougeThere’s track days, and there’s track days. Sure, Eastern Creek is good, and Wakefield Park is not too bad either. However, in our wide brown land you just can’t hit the road for a couple of hours and arrive at Belgium’s Spa Francorchamps. Widely acknowledged as one of the world’s best racetracks. The steep climb and blind crest of Eau Rouge is perhaps the most anticipated corner on the F1 calendar. And, just like Eastern Creek and Wakefield Park, you can throw the track organisers some cash and take your own car around this awesome circuit.

This is exactly what Dale from RSR Nürburg did recently. As if living in Nürburg and working at the Nürburgring wasn’t already enough to make you jealous, then he rubs it in with his report of his first track outing at Spa behind the wheel of one of their track prepared Renaultsport Clios. It was raining, of course, but that didn’t stop him from having a great time.Check out Dale’s report in full at, there’s also some great photos from Jochen at frozenspeed.

I’ve learned about these guys through running the Nürburgring focused AUSringers website, so when you’re done reading Dale’s report, make sure you check out AUSringers as well.


Renaultsport Clio 197 image gallery

Renaultposrt Clio 197

The highly regarded Renaultsport Clio 197 is set to go on sale in the first week of August. The 197, based on the Clio III platform, is the only model in the current Clio range that will be coming to Australia and is expected to be priced in the mid-late $30K bracket. While we wait for more information from Renault have a read of this article from the Courier-Mail. will be sure to test this French masterpiece which now has beauty to go with its razor sharp brawn. In the meantime enjoy these images and be sure to click on each pic for a 2000px wide image. The cutaway image at the end is very cool!