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Qatar 2011: Volkswagen XL1 concept

Volkswagen XL1 concept

The oil-rich nation of Qatar; the perfect location for Volkswagen to launch the XL1 concept—a diesel-electric hybrid with a combined fuel consumption figure of just 0.9l/100km and a CO2 rating of only 24g/km.

The XL1 is the latest iteration of the “1 litre” car first premiered by Ferdinand Piech back in 2002. In 2009 we also saw the Volkswagen L1. Where the XL1 differs from those two is in its seating arrangement. The earlier concepts featured inline seating for two, whereas the XL1 uses a more traditional layout to seat two abreast.

Powering the XL1 is a mighty 35kW 800cc two cylinder TDI and a fearsome 20kW E-motor. The total range of the XL1 is around 550km, that’s pretty good from a 10 litre tank. In electric only mode the XL1 has a more modest range of 35km.

The use of carbon fibre and other advanced construction methods helps keep the kerb weight of the XL1 to 795kg. Performance is not blistering, but it’s not too shabby, either, with 100km/h able to be reached in 11.9 seconds. Top speed is limited at 160km/h.

More after the break, including pics and a basic press release. A more detailed release is available for download as well.