Formula 1

Red Bull RB5 explained by Sebastien Vettel

Red Bull racing new boy Sebastien Vettel talks us through the the new Red Bull RB5 which he and our own Mark Webber will use to tackle the 2009 Formula One Season. It’s a very cool clip with the rule changes for the 2009 season explained and accompanied by clever graphics. Vettel promises the rule changes will return more responsibility to the drivers and increase overtaking. Let’s hope he is right.

You can also see the clip direct from the Red Bull Racing website.

(Thanks to Wes for the tip.)


More convertible tom-foolery

Following the earlier story about the European launch of the MINI Convertible comes this viral video of the roofless MINI being taken through a car wash. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to do this. I need wonder no more.

More on this can be seen at the MINI United website.

Source: MotoringFile


Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Roadster – the sound of tyranny

This video, featuring a lurid orange Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Roadster, is not new. Indeed, the car itself is not especially new, either. However, the clip is very well produced and makes epic viewing. If you haven’t seen the clip before, turn your speakers up to eleven, and enjoy the sound of tyranny!


Formula 1 Motorsports Video

Stoner ices Massa

European winters don’t seem to bring motorsport promo opportunities to a halt. In this clip (with disturbingly catchy tunes) you can see Australia’s own Casey Stoner, 2007 MotoGP world champion, teaching Ferrari’s Felipe Massa how to drive. Go Aussie!

If the above clip doesn’t work, try HERE.

Source: via autoblog

Fifth Gear Volkswagen

Fifth Gear reviews Golf VI

Fifth Gear returned to UK screens last week with the premiere episode of Series 15. This makes them the first major UK car show to get their hands on the Mk6 Golf. Here’s Jonny Smith’s review.

For more on the new Golf, check out this previous AUSmotive post, including the Trackback links at the bottom of the article that will take you to a wide range of Golf VI related articles.


Video footage of Nissan’s new 370Z

Following Nissan’s release of three images, here is some video footage of their new 370Z. The footage was captured at an enthusiast get together prior to its, now somewhat obsolete, official unveiling at the LA Auto Show.

The new ‘Zed’ looks pretty good to me, although the overtly agressive head and taillights may prove to be an aquired taste. The side repeat indicator is, perhaps, as obvious as it is cool. Overall, a thumbs up from where I sit. In fact, after seeing the first official pics a couple of weeks back, whenever I see a 350Z now, it looks too angular and a bit compromised.

Source: autoblog


Volkswagen MkVI Golf GTI driving footage

Video footage of the next generation 2009 Golf GTI has recently emerged on YouTube. The clip itself is not the most inspiring video ever made, but fans of the iconic GTI will be welcome this footage all the same. For more on the new GTI read this previous AUSmotive article.