Ferrari Formula 1

Ferrari unveils 2011 F1 car

Ferrari F150

Ferrari has taken the lead in the 2011 Formula One season already by being the first team to launch its new car. Ferrari have labelled this one the F150; no, it’s not an old Ford pickup, but a 21st century racing machine.

Out go the blown diffuser and “F-duct” rear wings and back comes KERS along with the addition of adjustable rear wings. A ban on engine development means the 2.4 litre V8 fitted to this car is the same unit used in last year’s F10.

More photos and press material from Ferrari, including a video walk around of the F150, can be seen after the break. Remember, too, 2000px wallpaper-friendly images can be accesed by clicking on any of the pics.

BMW Formula 1

BMW Sauber F1.09 launch

Here’s some video of the BMW Sauber F1.09 launch with thanks to the very good folk at

For pictures and press material, make sure you follow this link.


Video footage of Nissan’s new 370Z

Following Nissan’s release of three images, here is some video footage of their new 370Z. The footage was captured at an enthusiast get together prior to its, now somewhat obsolete, official unveiling at the LA Auto Show.

The new ‘Zed’ looks pretty good to me, although the overtly agressive head and taillights may prove to be an aquired taste. The side repeat indicator is, perhaps, as obvious as it is cool. Overall, a thumbs up from where I sit. In fact, after seeing the first official pics a couple of weeks back, whenever I see a 350Z now, it looks too angular and a bit compromised.

Source: autoblog